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90% of home shoppers start the homebuying process online, and research has shown that the more we give home shoppers the keys to shop independently for their new home, the greater the conversion. Advances in ecommerce are heating up and now it’s possible to not only include your site plan in Google maps with the Geospatial Interactive Site Plan (Geospatial ISP) from BDX, but buyers can reserve a lot as well. How’s that for a qualified lead?


Reserve a lot using Geospatial ISP

Here are 5 reasons we love Geospatial ISP’s:

  1. Buyers Can Reserve a lot Online

In most markets 30% of buyers shopping for a home do not live in the city or state that they are shopping in. Offering Reserve a Lot functionality gives shoppers the peace of mind that they can hold a lot until they can visit in person. Aside from distance, there is also a segment of buyers that work odd hours and having the ability to reserve a lot 24/7 can mean the difference of them doing business with you or not. In this busy world, convenience can be a huge differentiator for buyers who are searching for a builder to work with.

  1. Shoppers Will Be Able to Find You

Geospatial Maps from BDX are integrated into Google which helps everyone from home shoppers to delivery services be able to find you when they access Google Maps. That means that when your buyers move into their home, they can get their pizza delivered to the right house.

  1. You Can Plan Ahead

Is the next phase of your development around the corner? BDX can work with Google on your behalf to make sure that your roads are available directly in your map.

  1. Enhance Your Details

Home shoppers need the full picture when considering the community where they want to live. You can add details about the surrounding areas, home footprints, amenities and features in your map to help them see the community within the community.

  1. Manage Your Community by Block

Larger developments can be difficult to manage without a solid structure in place. Geospatial ISP’s can now be broken up by block so that home shoppers can easily find the block in the community that they are searching.

Most home shoppers hit a few roadblocks in the new home shopping process, but tools like the Geospatial ISP make shopping for a new home easy and productive. Learn more about Geospatial ISP’s and other mapping services on our website or email us for more information.

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