IBS Sneak Peek: The Customer Journey

In 15 days builders and vendors from around the globe will be uniting once again for a much anticipated in-person gathering at the International Builders Show in Orlando, FL. With so many changes in the world and consumer behavior at large, many builders are expressing a heightened desire to connect and gather ideas on how to better connect with virtual shoppers. We are excited to be sharing some of the latest tools and strategies on how to effectively engage home shoppers in the new world.

Bridging Physical With Online

If there is one thing that we’ve learned in the last 20 months, it’s that there is both a need for a physical journey as well as a seamless journey online. To the consumer, there is only one journey and one path to their new home. It’s our job as marketers and an industry, that when started on the path, it leads to the purchase of a new home vs. a used home. Bumps along the way or friction points as we call them can easily take a qualified home shopper down the path to purchasing a used home instead.

New information has led to the development of new technology that helps enable a seamless bridge between the physical world and online. Want a sneak peek? BDX will be featuring a new, smart way to curate the visual journey with tools like Dreamweaver and Envision Style.

The Curated Journey

The home buying process is complicated and can be frustrating for buyers. Any hiccup along the way can send them into a tail spin. Dreamweaver takes into account all of the steps of the journey and ties them together with one sign on and one vision for getting them across the finish line. The Dreamweaver experience can also be implemented in your kiosk.




There’s a lot of details to share when it comes to the design process, but sometimes the experience can get bogged down between pricing, model numbers, and technical specs. Envision Style incorporates all of the details that a consumer needs to complete the design process with an elegant, visual approach. A first of its kind, side-by-side image comparison tool lets consumers swap out options and slide back and forth between selections. It’s one tool that combines the practical aspects of what a buyer needs to know about each selection without forfeiting the emotional response they get from seeing how the selections look in each scene.



Stop by Booth W6557 at the International Builders Show to see Dreamweaver and Envision Style in person. If you’d like more information or would like to schedule a time to meet us at the show, email us at info@thebdx.com.

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