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In early 2020 “pivot” became a part of every conversation that we had internally and in our meetings with clients. We adapted, changed and in the end, created a better overall shopping experience for home shoppers. Instead of heralding “Visit the Model” as the only call-to-action, we incorporated CTAs like “View Our Virtual Model Home” and “Schedule A Self-guided Tour” adapting quickly to accommodate buyers.

In 2020, uncertainty drove us to put the needs of the customer first and to treat every shopper as a potential buyer. We knew that business as usual wouldn’t be what would help us weather the climate. As an industry, we were rewarded with a surge in new home sales. There is still some uncertainty in 2022 and the challenge we face is to meet buyers where they are and embrace the motto that every buyer counts. Here are three tips on how to soar in 2022 and capture every buyer that walks through your virtual doors.

  1. Capitalize on The Virtual Shopper

It’s true, almost everyone at this stage of the pandemic is back to business as usual. In-person interactions are up and the tendency to fall back on old habits of driving everyone to visit the physical model is tempting, but we caution you to pause. Doing so could be a turn off for the hundreds of remote shoppers that we’ve learned have no problem making an offer on a home site unseen. Instead, continue to hone your process of driving buyers through the shopping journey on your website. Tools like Dreamweaver can create a seamless journey whether they start with building their perfect floor plan with an interactive floor plan designer or want to begin by selecting their desired lot with an interactive site plan. Dreamweaver manages the entire experience with a single sign-on.



  1. Stay In Front Of Buyers

Interest rates may go up and conditions could change at the drop of a hat. Staying in front of buyers is mission critical to ride the waves of uncertainty. Targeting high-quality leads is your best bet. 65% of shoppers on NewHomeSource prefer new homes over used homes. Traffic on NewHomeSource has consistently outpaced Google search traffic for terms like “new homes.”

  1. Take Your Reviews Seriously

Your reputation is a key component of driving trust especially in rough waters. Signing up for free programs like TrustBuilder Ratings & Reviews is a no-brainer way to build credibility and ease concerns. Our clients who are participating love how well their positive reviews rank and because they are generated by a third party, they hold more weight than a testimonial posted on your website. We recommend those as well and adding the reviews to your YouTube channel and website can throw some fire on your SEO.



If you’d like more insight in how you can make sure that capture every buyer, email us or visit TheBDX.com for more information.

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