Website Image Checklist

Having images on your website are important. Making the decision on purchasing a new home is a big one and having enough, and the right high-quality images can make the decision easier. Follow the image check list below to make sure you are including the right mix of images and checking all of the boxes when it comes to proportions, size and quality.

What is high-quality?

Images on your website should be 72 or 96 dpi. Higher dpi could affect performance on the website and is not necessary. Renderings and photography should have great lighting to highlight the features of the home and add drama. The aspect ratio is also important—typically 4:3 or 16:9 is best.



Image Sliders

Image sliders should be limited to six images and should transition slowly, giving the viewer enough time to take in the imagery and read any text that is on the slider as well. Image sliders on the home page are generally the best images a builder has in their collection of exteriors and interiors as well as lifestyle or amenities. These are the images that will tug on the heart and garner an emotional response.


Variety is key when it comes to galleries. It’s important to have all of the expected images—kitchen, dining, master bed and bath, but it’s also important to throw in a few unexpected shots like an outdoor grill or nicely built out garage. You can also include detail shots of larger images. Your gallery should have at least fifteen images.

Community Images

While the entrance to your community might be beautiful and is important, tombstone shots are the least effective images to entice a buyer to look at a community. Amenities and green spaces are king when it comes to showcasing your community. Streetscapes can also give buyers a sense of the community and what it is like to live there.



Exterior Images

The front exterior of the home is indeed the most important image, but the back is important too! Don’t short change your buyer by not providing images of the patio, grill or pool in the back. It’s also great if you can provide images in day and dusk. Dusk images are dreamy and generally draw more interest than a day image, but day shots provide the highest level of detail.

Interior Images

Often overlooked, but perhaps more important than an exterior image are interior images. The interior is where a buyer will live! Interior images relay the most information and do most of the selling. This kitchen is the perfect layout for me, I love that the master bath has a large walk-in-shower, etc. Be sure to showcase at least one image of the kitchen, dining, living, master bedroom, and master bath. If you can also get images of the laundry room, additional bedrooms and specialty spaces, it will go a long way.



Floor Plan Images

Did you know that buyers have an easier time judging the space of a floor plan if it includes furniture? Interactive floor plans are ideal, but 2D or 3D colored floor plans with furniture and measurements work as well.



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