3D Renderings – Your Marketing Secret Weapon



Research show us that homes with high quality photos sell 32 percent faster. And it’s not just the quality of images. Homes with more photos sell faster, too.  A recent study showed that a home with just one photo stayed on the market TWICE as long as a home with 20+ photos. The average used home listing usually does a great job with this through pictures of every room, key features, and different exterior angles.

So how do home builders compete with that when your homes aren’t even built yet?

Breathe new life into your image gallery and use photo-real, 3D renderings in your marketing strategy. Adding photorealistic renderings of different exterior angles and key interior rooms makes a great first impression on prospective home buyers and will help you better position your new homes over used homes in your area.

The Power of Renderings

Computer-generated 3D renderings use proportional and staged design to give buyers an immersive idea of what it feels like to live in the home – even before it is built

The power of using renderings in builder marketing is infinite. Renderings provide homebuyers with a preview of a model home during the pre-construction phase of marketing. As a result, homebuyers and builders can make informed buying or selling decisions in advance.

You can even take it a step further with 360-degree perspective animated home tours. Models include staged furniture showing all angles and views giving buyers a clear idea of space and room dimensions without them ever having set foot in a home.

Renderings Can Answer Buying Questions at a Glance

3D renderings make it possible for your buyer to answer some of their most critical buying questions. Resolving these questions early in the buying process saves both parties time and money. Buyers can preview interior renderings that show colors, textures, appliances, and flooring.

And you don’t have to stop with your homes. Use renderings and animations of your amenities as well. Buyers can picture themselves enjoying their new neighborhood swimming pools, fitness centers or outdoor recreation areas.

The Versatility of Renderings

Renderings are a great asset to have in your marketing programs – you can use them in a variety of places to achieve different goals. Here are a few ideas:

  • Social Media – Get the conversation going with highlighted images from your homes
  • Email Marketing & Newsletters – Connect with your interest lists through targeted email campaigns featuring your best renderings.
  • Your Website – Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when buyers visit your website. This is your online hub and the place to make a great first impression.

Get Your Own High-Quality Renderings

Renderings are higher quality and more affordable than ever. BDX works with builders around the country to product interior and exterior renderings in different styles to meet each client’s unique needs.  We pride ourselves on top-quality photorealistic images, quick turnaround times, and an affordable price. Click here to learn more and have us quote your next project.

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