12 Video & Interactive Element Ideas That Engage and Attract Home Shoppers

The stats don’t lie. Shoppers today are much more likely to engage online if you provide interactive and/or video elements on your website.

When creating your video/tour/plan, be sure to keep the length, tone,and format optimal for viewing.When creating your video/tour/plan, be sure to keep the length, tone,and format optimal for viewing.When creating your video/tour/plan, be sure to keep the length, tone, and format optimal for viewing.

So now that we’ve convinced you to invest in video and interactive marketing, here are 12 formats homebuilders use successfully to attract, engage and convert home shoppers on their website:

1. Customer testimonials
Customer testimonials are the stamp of approval that home shoppers need today. They build trust and credibility, provide social proof and even show when needed how a company’s pain points/problems can be solved. And customers are likely to spend 31% more with a business that has good customer testimonials.

2. Model home tours
Like other purchases, home shoppers want to preview and pre-shop before engaging with builders. A video or virtual walkthrough tour gives buyers total control to view model options at their leisure.

3.  Community/area tours
What’s the easiest route to the elementary school? How far is the nearest grocery store? Where can you find a local park or play area? Shoppers are purchasing more than a home. They’re committing to a lifestyle, and creating a video showing their surroundings will go far.

4. The home building process
The home building process is a mystery to home shoppers that can create angst and an abundance of questions that require your team’s attention. While the process is complex, making even a high-level video that walks home shoppers through the steps and shows examples will go far to alleviate any concerns.

5. Special incentives/offers
Special pricing or a spring event? Adding incentives to your website can pique the interest of home shoppers and create a little FOMO to get them going. Make sure that the details of all your incentives are clearly explained so that the buyers understand the benefits of what you are offering. 

6. Interactive floor plans
Interactive floor plans go one step beyond video by providing dynamic tools that allow home shoppers to draw, make notes, save, retrieve and even print a brochure-quality PDF of their new home design. Builders can also use them as a lead generation tool to capture buyer information and details.


7. Interactive site plans
Interactive site plans or ISPs show real-time lot availability and information. Lot details display in a pop-up window when you hover over or click on a lot, making it easier for home shoppers to see the details of the lot at a glance. In addition to displaying on your website, ISPs are also a valuable tool for your sales team, who can access the information while interacting with buyers.



8. Option changers

Option changers are interactive visualization tools that address one of the 19 friction points in the home shopper journey-visualization. Interior and exterior visualizers can be as simple as changing out flooring, wall  colors, and countertops on a static image to a whole home visualization like Online VR. Shoppers can swap out options to visually build their room and save their design, generating a high converting lead. 



9. Matterport tours
A Matterport tour is the standard in immersive 3D home tours. It allows you to create a virtual twin of any home, capturing every angle of your model inside and out. They’re also the perfect vehicle for showcasing any community amenities or highlights. You can even add Mattertags, which are text-based comments that provide additional details to the home shopper as they are touring your home or community. 


10. Hotspots/cutaway
​Hotspots or cutaways allow you to showcase “what’s under the roof” of a home. It’s a great way to give potential buyers a glimpse of your homes’ construction and features they otherwise would not be aware of. 

11. Online VR
If you want potential buyers to immerse themselves in your homes, there is no greater medium than Virtual Reality. With Virtual Reality, shoppers can literally walk around your homes or communities, even before breaking ground. They experience clear, beautiful, almost lifelike visual sensations of what a home will look like – as if they are genuinely there!


12. Online Design Center
An Online Design Center is the ultimate interactive retail experience for home shoppers. Potential buyers can start interacting with it even before engaging with a builder. In addition, those who have started the home building process can access it 24/7, allowing them to choose at their pace all of the design elements for their new home. 



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