10 Reasons to List with BDX



If you're not listing with us, here's 10 reasons why you should:


1. Over 1,000 builders can't be wrong. We're happy to share some of our recommendations and testimonials


2. We're all about new construction! 63% of our visitors prefer new homes


3. Easy data management and comprehensive reporting through our BDXLive portal


4. We are owned by the industry and understand your business and its challenges


5. Lead Augmentation - Your leads come with exclusive demographic and buyer details


6. We also make other valuable builder-home buyer connections like: chat leads, driving direction views, phone calls, website visits, social shares and more


7. We deliver over 80K leads to builders each month


8. 35% of shoppers who searched for homes on New Home Source visited a builder within a week


9. FREE inclusion on HomLuv.com - Changing the way buyers find the perfect home


10. Your homes will be features on NewHomeSource.com, the #1 new home site and hundreds of partner sites like Realtor.com

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