INsights 2022 Video: Do You Hear What I Hear? Looking at the Future of the Building Industry

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INsights Conference: Do you hear what I hear? Looking at the Future of the Building Industry.

On average, the latest TikTok trend lasts only two days. That's right, just two days, and then consumers are onto the next thing that grabs their attention. The good news for builders is that building industry trends last a bit longer. So how do builders leverage these trends to sell to new buyers and possibly reconnect with existing homeowners and upsell or upgrade their existing homes?

Kalyn Rozanski, Chief Visionary Officer& Innovation Trend Expert at Ebco Trends, a consultancy that uncovers industry-changing trends and insights, recently presented at BDX’s INsights conference. During her talk, she revealed five key trends builders should keep top of mind and specific technologies developed to support them.

For example, one trend cited was the need for both consumers and builders today to be water smart and how many regions and cities across the country are facing historic, long-term droughts. Could the water smart home be the new electric car of the future?

Learn about this trend and four others by viewing Kalyn’s presentation here and see how builders can leverage these to market, sell and even upsell home shoppers today.

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