Virtual Shoppers Are Here To Stay: 63% Made An Offer On A Home Site Unseen In December

A few years ago it seem unfathomable that anyone would put an offer on a home without touring the home in person. While numbers of buyers purchasing homes site-unseen has steadily been increasing, the pandemic has caused sharp increases over the course of 2020. This drastic shift in buying habits has made the virtual tour a must-have for every builder as they work to meet the demand of a home buying market lacking of used homes and brimming with eager home shoppers.

A recent study conducted by unveiled that of the more than 1,900 homebuyers surveyed across 32 major markets, a whopping 63% of those who purchased a home in 2020 reported that they made an offer without viewing the home in person. That’s an increase of 32% YOY.

With the plethora of home tour options now available, meeting these shopper needs is easier, faster and more affordable than ever. From a basic walkthrough or matterport tour to more immersive online vr and video shoots,  online tours come in a variety of flavors to meet every builder’s needs. To learn more about all of these options, you can watch our latest webinar on the topic here.

It’s not just the pandemic fueling the need to tour homes online. Market migration has necessitated that buyers be able to see homes and compete in real estate markets where homes spend little time on the market and homes employ multiple offers.


The virtual home tour is here to stay!


Technology has been at the forefront of making the home buying process easier and according to Redfin chief economist Daryl Fairweather in her housing market forecast for 2021, “The virtual home tour is here to stay.” Redfin also reports that 3D walkthroughs like Matterport tours are up 563% since February. You can see the full Redfin report here.

What seemed like a luxury just a few years ago is now making its way into every builder’s marketing plan. BDX has you covered with tours to fit every need and budget. Want learn more?? Visit to learn more or email us for more information.

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Virtual Tours are the key to selling homes today.

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