Top 3 Ways To Save Time With Better Marketing

Did I catch your attention? With many real estate markets going crazy right now, more time is one of the things that builders are wishing they had more of. To ease up the bottle neck in sales many builders are requiring pre-approval before they will show a home, but what if there was a better way? 

 Here are our top 3 ways to get more time back!

 #1 Prioritize High Quality Lead Sources

Experts all agree that now is not the time to stop advertising. The buying frenzy will slow down at some point and many of the home shoppers you are targeting now will be your leads tomorrow. History shows that this is sound advice! So instead of targeting the broader public, prioritize lead sources like NewHomeSource. Since on average 63% of home shoppers on NewHomeSource prefer new homes your time will be spent on buyers more likely to purchase a home.

 #2 Let Buyers Work Their Way Down The Funnel Online

Pre-2020, the thinking was that if you get a customer connected to a sales person early in the process they would be more likely to buy a home. Post-2020 and we’ve discovered the opposite. Tools like Online VR Tours, interactive floor plans and interactive visualizers can save your sales team valuable time. Buyers can get down the funnel unassisted and work with your sales team on the finishing details. It’s a win-win across the board. Your sales team isn’t tied up working on early funnel and can focus on end of funnel customers and customers won’t get frustrated and potentially abandon the process entirely.

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 #3 Use An Online Design Center

An online design center like Envision will not only save your design team time—it has the added bonus that customers tend to spend more on options when they have access to a design center online. Buyers can create wish lists and work out the details on their own time, often justifying investments in pricier options than they otherwise would have pressed to make decisions in a few short appointments.

 These three tips are not only guaranteed to stop time, but also guaranteed to make you more money. Need help with your digital strategy? Email us or visit for more information.​

About the Author

Alaina Latiolais

Alaina Latiolais is currently the Marketing Manager and HBA Partnership Program Manager for Builder’s Digital Experience. She previously worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant for BDX working with builders of all sizes in the Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi markets. Finding her love for B2B marketing, she now helps educate home builders about marketing and technology and understanding the digital consumer. Alaina has over a decade of experience working with small, medium and large businesses on their marketing strategies, always with a strong focus on the latest technology and results. She has a practical approach that saddles between warm and daring, always challenging businesses to take the next step to adopt new technology and ideas.

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