No More Crowds, Hugs, Or Handshakes – Why Your Images Need A Facelift

This past month has changed the way we buy groceries, work, socialize AND it has also changed the way we perceive images on websites, ads and social media. A recent study showed that 57% of consumers thought that it was inappropriate for ads to show people shaking hands. But it goes deeper than that. This same 57% also said they would be less likely to purchase a product or service from that company.

We’ve seen companies like Geico, Nestle, and KFC shifting strategies quickly so they don’t
offend people in the time of social distancing. While these large consumer brands are
changing their game, what does this mean for home builders? Here are a few thoughts as
you take a fresh look at your approach.
Consider individual shots versus crowds in your amenities and community photos.
Most builders include imagery of their amenities and surrounding community as part of their
marketing campaigns. And this is still a solid approach. But instead of a crowded pool or
shopping areas, consider focusing in on smaller scenes like couples or families enjoying
these areas. We’re all embracing personal distancing in our personal lives but it also needs
to be a rule in your photos and renderings as well.
Tips For Updating Home Builders Images
The classic real estate closing handshake shot might be a thing of the past. Infectious
disease expert Anthony Fauci, proclaimed last week that “We may never shake hands
again”. Whether you agree or not with the long term effects of our current situation, there is
no doubt that handshaking is a huge turnoff for today’s consumers. Consider replacing the
traditional handshake shots with smiling faces, happy couples in front of new homes, or
posing in front of sold signs.
Tips For Updating Home Builders Images
Use images that show virtual shopping and virtual meetings. Consider using imagery
online that showcases the digital homebuying journey – including devices in your pictures if
possible. A couple on a couch looking online at homes, an agent giving a facetime tour of a
new home, what are the new situations that we are finding ourselves in. Overnight, home
shopping became digital, make sure your images are showing how that is possible.
Tips For Updating Home Builders Images
We know that more and more companies are following guidelines to ensure that their
photos and renderings aren’t alienating shoppers. One research firm announced a 30% dip
in social media ads that featured images of human contact. At the same time, imagery
displaying technology is on the rise. 39% of social ads showed at least one device. How are
you adapting to these times?
Have questions? Want to talk through an idea? The BDX team is here to help guide you. Fill
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Eleanor Bowman is currently the Director of Marketing for Builders Digital Experience (BDX). In this role, she leads the company’s B2B marketing initiatives and is passionate about helping educate home builders about the latest digital marketing and technology trends. She is a frequent contributor here on and speaks at home building events around the country on a variety of topics. Eleanor has spent over 20 years working in marketing, advertising, and public relations for companies in the technology, education, energy, and real estate industries. She is a proud Longhorn with a degree in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.

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