Why You Should Absolutely Retarget Homebuyers



Retargeting Is A Marketing Tool That Helps Homebuilders Reach Out To Home Shoppers People who regularly shop online are familiar with retargeting in action, whether they know the marketing term or not. After checking out a product on one site, that product starts showing up on other places visited. This reminder ad to potential customers who have already shopped your website is “retargeting”. For homebuilders, retargeting is a marketing tool that enables you to reach prospects who showed initial interest in your business and remind them about your homes.

Creating Visual Reminders

Studies show that it takes six to eight impressions to earn the trust of a new customer. As a result, many retailers use retargeting to keep their products in front of consumers who have already shown an expressed interest. Reportedly, 25% of consumers like being reminded of the products they previously viewed. Some companies, such as Kimberly-Clark, report 50-60 percent conversions from retargeting ads.

For home sellers, the marketing technique is a natural fit. The home buying process can take several months. On average, 95 percent of homebuyers (and 99 percent of millennials) begin their real estate search online. As a result, many potential buyers undoubtedly visit your site or your listings on NewHomeSource.com in their research phase, long before they are close to purchasing. Not retargeting those high-quality prospects is letting qualified and interested leads slip away.

How Retargeting Works

If you visited a website and continued to see ads for that product or service when you checked out other sites, you were retargeted.

Retargeting campaigns use a small piece of code. Then, each time people visit your site or look at your listings, the code is inserted an anonymous piece of data or “cookie” on their computers that stays there (until they clear their cookies). The cookies do not hurt their computers, confidential data or your site. They merely act as a steady reminder about your firm by placing ads for homes they saw earlier online on other unrelated sites. They also allow you to specifically advertise to people who have already shown interest in you online rather than advertising widely and hoping potential homebuyers see your offerings.

Various marketing tools are out there that approach retargeting via search, site visits, emails clicked on, SEO and other factors. However, the BDX has developed retargeting tools specifically for homebuilders to use that have proven to be effective.

BDX Retargeting Services

Retargeting services from BDX, which is owned by a consortium of builders and offers marketing and technology solutions to meet builders’ needs, drive potential buyers back to your listings or website with targeted banner advertising. The firm’s BeBack services reaches engaged prospects in two different ways, by retargeting home shoppers that have shopped your website as well as home shoppers that have shopped NewHomeSource.com These are consumers who have shown a sincere interest in buying a new home, but may not know about you. As a result, BeBack with BDX delivers higher conversion rates. We also offer a new Facebook re-targeting option that is based on NewHomeSource.com search term targeting and is available across Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

BDX also has retargeting approaches that take advantage of the firm’s nationwide experience and expertise to aggregate data from hundreds of builders and find the best approach for your marketing. BDX can reach a more qualified audience than most homebuilders, which is important for targeting a niche audience looking for new construction in your particular market.

Builders who want to reach more prospective homebuyers this year and then remain fresh in their minds as they go through their home buying journey should talk with the specialists at BDX. They can create a digital marketing strategy that will help you transform your business by making deeper, retargeted connections with buyers. For more information, email info@thebdx.com.

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