Why Visual Content Should Be A Part of Your 2020 Marketing Playbook



Visual Content Home Builders Shoud Incorporate In Their 2020 Marketing Plan

A quick Google search on trends will pop up article after article that point to the undeniable truth that visual content should be a priority in every marketing budget next year. Companies like Google and Pinterest are investing heavily in understanding visual search and the current trend is showing that consumers are responding favorably to image search versus text based search. Millennials are leading the charge, with many reporting that visual search technology is the hottest thing right now.

Looking for ways to beef up your visual marketing next year? We’ll share a few ideas and some stats that you should know heading into the New Year.

Did you know that 65% of us are visual learners?

More than half of home shoppers process information that they can see better than information they read, making visual content a must for explaining the details of your homes and features. Have smart home features available? A document full of text probably isn’t going to sell a consumer on why they need it.

Explore this interactive walk-through that highlights the home automation features of the model. Each hot spot highlights features like automated blinds and a home theater with built-in animations.

Color matters! 80% report that colored visuals aid in understanding.

It’s time to throw out the black and white renderings and floor plans. The stick drawings of sofas, tables and beds on your floor plans are less than inspiring and are not helping consumers understand the process. Technology and visualization have come a long way. Instead of a black and white floor plan to note available options, savvy builders are using virtual reality tours like this one to walk consumers through a home and flip through visualizations with and without the upgraded options. What buyers can clearly see, they are more likely to pay for!   

Visuals relay messages 60,000 times faster!

Visuals aid in understanding helping consumers answer their questions and break down objections faster. The more we can build trust through the use of stunning visual content, the shorter the sales cycle is likely to be.

Where are your home shoppers hitting the bottlenecks in the process? Are you getting enough leads, converting your leads at lower than expected rate? Boosting your visual content in 2020 will sky rocket your results. BDX works with builders of any size and any budget. If you are looking to add more visual content to your 2020 marketing playbook, email us at info@thebdx.com or visit us at TheBDX.com.

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