Why Social Media is Relevant to your Brand



Social Media Plays A Vital Role In websiteTraffic, Online Presence, And The Audience's InterestsIf you’re not utilizing social media for your business, start now. Social platforms play a crucial role in driving traffic, maintaining an online presence, and understanding your audience’s likes and interests. According to a survey done by Social Media Today, 35 percent of respondents use paid social media advertising to raise brand awareness with lead generation coming in second at 24 percent.

Here are two reasons why social media is essential for your business:


Advertise Smarter, Not Harder



Advertising on the number one new home website out there has its perks. Our customer audience on Facebook is 10x bigger than any individual builder, so we’re able to hit performance and scale, and retarget users across Facebook feeds, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram – our retargeting campaign is based on NHS search term targeting and is perfect for Quick Move-In campaigns.

ROI is Unmatched

Social media is less expensive than traditional media – print and TV – and you get more bang for your buck! You can reach thousands of people for a fraction of what it would cost you to create an ad for a newspaper or even a billboard. Going the traditional route means paying for the cost of both production and distribution of materials; whereas, with social media, you can spend a fraction to reach an audience size of a thousand users. Imagine saving thousands of dollars each year on advertising alone – social media makes that possible.

Tracking Metrics

If you’re actively utilizing social media as an advertising platform, analyzing your performance is a key indicator on how successful your ads are executing. Built-in tools, such as Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics, can help your brand view certain metrics: reach, impressions, and engagements (likes, comments and shares). If you find that your ads are not as effective as you had hoped based on the results, consider reevaluating your target audience or even the content and visuals within the ad.


Reputation Management


Brand Loyalty

Establishing a presence on social media is a great way to build brand awareness. Businesses can monitor and respond quickly to what’s being said about them whether it’s in the form of a review or mention. By connecting with users, you’ll eventually gain exposure outside your following via organic reach and bring in new leads – it’s a cycle that first begins with creating a rapport with your online community. Gaining new followers and nurturing that following will create raving fans – a powerful way to advocate for your business!

Customer Service

Studies have shown that 67 percent of users have used a brand’s social media for customer service support. Customers want to be heard, so be sure to respond to their messages/comments within a timely manner. It’s not just about responding quickly, but also how a brand responds – tone is everything and can harm a business’s reputation if done the wrong way. Hubspot reported that consumers are 71 percent more prone to make a purchase based on social media recommendations – because of the digital space, users have more influence than in recent years.

Social media is a beneficial advertising tool for home builders. A social media page allows you to converse with your users on a more personal level and increases sales.

If you’re looking to expand your marketing strategy and take a stab at social media, let the specialists at BDX help you – we help home builders transform their business in the digital space!

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