Why It’s Important to List Your Homes in Spanish



It's Important To List Your Homes In SpanishBuilders list their new homes on listing websites to connect with more home shoppers and agents. Using these listing websites, such as New Home Source, builders acquire more traffic to their websites and earn them more quality leads. So why not list your homes in Spanish as well?

A Growing Demographic

The Hispanic community made up about 40 percent of the household growth in the United States last year, and the number of people who speak Spanish has continuously grown since 1980. Throughout the years, our country has become more culturally diverse. In fact, 58 percent of Spanish-dominant buyers think that brands that reach out in Spanish demonstrate they value the Hispanic community.

Hispanic Culture and Multi-Generational Housing

Getting a house by yourself was once seen as checking off a box on the road towards becoming independent, but now, family members are gathering their income to buy a home together. There’s a strong value for family in the Hispanic community, especially when they live in a multi-generational housing situation. About 20 percent of the U.S. is living with several members of their extended family. Seeing a multi-generational housing situation is common for Hispanics, and even though Hispanics are living with extended family, they still have pride in buying a house. According to Scott Astrada, Director of Federal Advocacy at the Center for Responsible Lending, “Homeownership has always been a central pillar of Hispanic identity as it relates to economic prosperity.”

Why Casas Nuevas Aquí?

BDX’s Spanish listing site, Casas Nuevas Aquí, is the only new home marketplace devoted to Spanish speakers. This listing website has more than 10,000 communities listed in Spanish. The best part? This service is completely free for all of our listing clients. Utilizing this site is no additional work for builders as we take all of the data we have from your listings and convert them into Casas Nuevas Aquí listings. We include the results from Casas Nuevas Aquí into your BDX report. To learn more about the advantages of Casas Nuevas Aquí, contact a digital marketing consultant.

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