Why it is Important to Respond to Reviews – Especially the Negative Ones!



Learn Why It Is Important to Respond To ReviewsDid you know that a negative review about a brand or product with a brand response increases intent to purchase MORE than a standard 5-star review? This may seem counter intuitive, but in a study conducted by BazaarVoice, when a brand responds to a negative review, 35% of consumers feel the brand has great customer service. So, not only can you rectify an issue with a single customer who had complaints with your brand, but you can also attract additional customers by responding to the review and offering resolutions.

The customer is in control now, more than ever. As Bob Buhowski writes, “the consumer is definitely in charge today. You can’t get closer to knowing what consumers want than having direct interaction with them.” Indeed it seems, that when a company is unable to interact with their consumers, especially in negative situations, some consumers might be steered away.

Engagement improves brand perception. Responding to negative reviews shows that as a business, you care about your customers and you care about your relationship to the consumer. In this developing digital age, a faulty internet presence can doom your business. Make sure you set up an alert system for the response team. Set aside allotted time periods to go over possible responses and reviews that require a reply. Make sure you and your team make these as personalized as possible and always begin the reply with their name, apologize, address the customer’s issues and offer additional aid or contact information. When a negative review is responded to effectively, you can retain this customer. In some cases, you may even attract more customers because of your dedication to resolving issues quickly and effectively.

So the next question is, how promptly should these negative reviews be addressed? Best practices for responding to negative reviews are to respond within 5 business days and 2 for questions. Chances are, a customer will have moved on if you wait any longer than two months to reply to a bad review. Replying quickly and effectively can keep customers. In some cases, when potential buyers are looking at reviews – and they see that a company takes too long to address customer complaints – this may raise red flags.

Above all else – it is vital that a company remains genuine when responding to negative reviews. The use of automated responses to complaints should be kept to a minimum, or not used at all. Showing sincerity when addressing customer complaints will show the customer you care about them and that the company cares about their business.

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