Why Interactive Content Can Be Your Best Marketing Weapon



Dynamic Interactive Visual Enable More Sales Than Static Images

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but marketing pros have found dynamic, interactive visuals to be worth more in sales than simple static content. In today’s digital world, interactive content adds a wow factor, and it shows you recognize consumers want to be more involved with the information presented to them.

A website with interactive visuals presents your property in an appealing manner and meets today’s more sophisticated buyer expectations. Incorporating immersive technological elements allows potential buyers to tour homes, explore design options and truly picture themselves living in the residences you are selling.

Anyone accustomed to exploring the web, playing online games and employing mobile apps is used to interactive content that engages the eye and encourages them to click and explore.

Use of interactive content

Interactive content is essentially content that puts the buyer in charge of their content experience and they can click to explore more information than one can glean from simply reading a blog post or watching a video. It engages consumers to explore elements that interest them, as opposed to assuming everyone is interested in the same items when making a purchasing decision.

In fact, an Inc. article noted that marketers put the effectiveness of interactive content at 93 percent and static content’s effectiveness at only 70 percent. In reality, there are countless ways to make content interactive, particularly on real estate sites.

These include interactive floor plans, cutaways and visualizers that allow users to personalize the view to reflect their taste (and budget).

The goal is to incorporate options that display the property and its environment, add value by helping visitors to envision living there, and even demonstrate how a room will look with different furnishings. Personalized data based on cookies and items clicked on determine which options are presented to each site visitor.

Likewise, visitor input helps you retarget and refine your marketing efforts. Studies show viewers spend more time on sites that provide interactive content, tend to return more often and convert to active prospects at a higher rate. Other research shows increased click rates and conversion rates achieved by interactive content.

Interactive sites

The homebuying journey can be an overwhelming and stressful one for many prospects. Even those who are confident in their taste, budget and preferences find buying a house to be a daunting effort and huge commitment.

Providing interactive content that enables them to visualize the residence and community before setting foot inside can help boost their confidence and interest. The key to developing effective immersive content for real estate sites is working with marketing pros with experience in the real estate sector.

BDX, which is actually owned by builders, specializes in creating marketing, websites, content and more for homebuilders. BDX can incorporate a variety of interactive elements to captivate visitors to your site.

Examples of capabilities include:

  • Interactive cutaways that highlight selling points of your homes that may not be readily apparent, such as energy efficiency improvements.
  • Flexible, interactive home designer that can showcase various configurations and design elements, such as backsplashes, cabinet materials, customizable kitchens and flooring.
  • An interactive floor plan tool that allows users to label rooms, play with furniture placement, and more.
  • An exterior design option that lets people model paint colors, bricks, shutters and other flexible elements.

Potential buyers raised on the internet readily expect to be able to conduct much of their homebuying explorations from their existing residence. Using the latest technology to ensure you are presenting engaging, interactive content that showcases your properties best makes sense and can make sales.

To find out more about ways to incorporate interactive content as your marketing weapon, contact BDX. Email us at info@thebdx.com or call (866) 651-8866 and learn how to get started.

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