Shifting Strategies – Why Going Virtual with Your Parade of Homes Is a Game-Changer

Virtual tours and video are just two tools builders can use to attract virtual parade of homes attendees.

With more Parade of Homes going virtual, it’s understandable for builders to be concerned about the return or if you’ll experience the same benefits as a live event. We’re here to assure you that with the right content and exposure, a virtual event can pay out in dividends over a longer time period than a live event. Follow the guide below to understand how your live event can easily convert to a virtual one. 

In-person tour to virtual tour

With many homebuyers not comfortable touring homes in person, virtual tours are not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity even if you have plans for a live event. Virtual tours offer a fully interactive and immersive experience that allows the homebuyer the flexibility to visit when, where, and how they desire from the safety of their home.

For your models featured in a Parade of Homes, the Matterport virtual tour is ideal. Matterport tours utilize virtual photography to stitch together a 3D “dollhouse” of your model home. A camera is placed in multiple spots within a room so that you have multiple images and angles of that room. Within each room, you can tag specific items or features, and utilize text, embed a URL, or even video to provide more information. The end product is a comprehensive and interactive tour of your model home for consumers to view and interact with.

For models or homes that have yet to be built, interactive virtual tours provide a full interior, 360-degree virtual viewing of a home. Parade-goers can navigate their paths and jump from room to room via the 3D floor plan or by following interactive icons for a self-serve experience that will allow them to virtually walk through and experience your home.

Why is Virtual Better? With virtual tours homebuyers can tour your models – both built and not built – as many times as they like. Plus, they can share tours with friends, family, and even their social networks. 

In-person conversations to video

Face-to-face conversations are valuable. But in the absence of being able to meet with parade-goers in-person, video is an engaging tool.

A Builder Video is a highly effective way to convey your company’s brand and value. Building a home is a very personal experience for most families and connecting with the real people behind the business that have a story around their craft through video can go along way. 

Virtual tours and video are just two tools builders can use to attract virtual parade of homes attendees.

Likewise, we can also interview current homebuyers or build a story around customers that have lived the life of calling one of your masterpieces home for a while. Video is a great way to build trust and value in your brand.

And if you want to take your video to the next level, VR Video takes the home buyer experience fully virtual for a like-you-are-there experience.

Why is Virtual Better? A well thought out video can capture your brand ideals in a way that is difficult to replicate in person. It is consistent time and again. Plus, with the proper editing, music, and graphics, it becomes a powerful and even emotional tool to get buy-in.  

Home walkthrough to Online VR

It’s one thing for homebuyers to virtually walk through your models. But what if they could conceptualize their new home in real-time?

Online VR allows parade-goers to select from multiple colors and material choices and design their dream home in real-time. Online VR works with both renderings and photographs and homebuyers can save multiple versions of their home designs.

Why is Virtual Better? Online VR allows parade-goers to customize the home to their preference and it’s also the gateway to capturing them as a lead.​

Even if parade goers cannot see your models in person, there are still many ways for builders to showcase their homes. To find out more about BDX Parade of Homes Virtual Tours contact your BDX sales consultant or contact us at to get more information.​​

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