Why Attend DCX – an interview with BDX CEO Tim Costello


Here's several reasons to attend BDX according to Tim Costello.

Registrations are filling up fast for this year's DCX Summit in Austin (www.bdxsummit.com). We sat down with the BDX CEO Tim Costello to get his take on this year's event. 

What is your favorite part of DCX?

The talks are the center of the conference, bringing some of the world’s best speakers and authorities on digital transformation of the customer experience together into a condensed 1.5 days to showcase case studies, technologies and research delivers a powerful and clarifying message for the attendees. We know the world is changing but hearing from the best and seeing it put to work in such a condensed manner gives you the information in a format which attendees can use to lay the foundation for their own CX journey.

What will attendees be able to deliver to their customers by attending DCX?

The conference empowers attendees to take bold action with respect to their customer’s experiences. It helps breakdown barriers and excuses replacing them with actionable plans and strategies. Attendees leave reinvigorated about creating, crafting and managing their customer experiences

How is attending DCX making an investment in their business?

The customer is at the center of everything today. They call the shots and set the tempo. While customers have fully embraced digital technology, businesses and their processes substantially lag behind. No matter your role; retailer, contractor, distributor, manufacturer…we all have customers and today they all expect to be served in a friction-less manner that takes advantage of contemporary technologies. Happy customers, happy business owners! The benefits of a digital customer experience aren’t all realized directly by the customer some drop right to the bottom line of the business. Lower cost of customer acquisition, lower service cost, increased revenue & margins, reduced staffing requirements …if this sounds like the stuff you care about then DCX is for you.

Your keynote address is always a highlight… what will you be presenting this year?

My talk is entitled “Managing Your Adjacent Possibilities”. It speaks to role we play as individuals in the transformation of our companies and the ability for us as individuals to stay relevant in an ever changing, increasingly technology enabled world. We all sit at the epicenter of a set of adjacent possibilities that we have created by the information which we have availed ourselves to. We read, watch, listen, tinker and wonder about things that are not directly applicable to our tasks at hand. These bits of knowledge forma a sphere of opportunity around us creating our adjacent possibilities. Today, we need to nurture this sphere more than ever. Technologies are developing so quickly, new business models are maturing, competitors are acting so nimbly that we must stay cognizant of an ever-increasing portfolio of knowledge. The better you are at it, the greater your adjacent possibilities.

For more information on how to register, visit bdxsummit.com 

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