What’s Next for 3D Renderings?



Builders Must Be Up-To-Date On What's Next For 3D Renderings


It’s proven that homes sell faster when the homebuyer has high-quality photos at their fingertips. And shoppers also want to see multiple photos, all the main interior rooms, different angles from the front and back of the house, even rooms like the garage or closet can be important deciding factors. In fact, 95 percent of home shoppers list photo galleries as the most important item considered when shopping for a new home on a builder website. However, when the home isn’t even built yet, how are home builders able to market their works of art? Today’s technologies have made 3D home builder renderings more affordable and realistic than ever.

What are 3D Renderings and Why are They Important?

A 3D rendering is a computer-generated, visual representation of something. In our construction world, a 3D rendering is used to bring building projects to life when the physical building isn’t even there yet. However, many home builders out there aren’t utilizing this important tool and are still relying on flat, 2D drawings of homes to capture home shoppers’ attention. Without the ability to visually see the home, homebuyers are very reluctant to make a home-buying purchase. Not only do 3D home renderings allow builders and buyers alike to get a glimpse of their gorgeous work, but they can also make huge strides when it comes to actually selling the home.

Future of 3D Renderings

With 3D renderings getting more popular by the day, home builders must stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in order to have a competitive edge. Many industries utilize renderings, including both the entertainment and gaming industries, and even product marketing. Take a look at how each of these industries uses renderings:

Entertainment – Think back to a movie or TV you’ve recently watched. Some of the scenes and environments appear so real and that’s due in part because of renderings.

Gaming – The entertainment and gaming industries are pretty similar. Renderings created for this particular industry are used to produce realistic looking people and objects throughout the duration of the game.

Product Marketing – Like the home building industry, marketers use renderings to showcase products before they are even developed. In fact, renderings make it simple to view products in a different way, such as angles.

3D Home Builder Renderings Plus Virtual Reality

Builders are getting wiser – saving time and money by planning their rendering projects a little farther in advance. Everyone knows that any time something is ordered a la carte, the costs are higher and typically projects are rushed and reactive, leaving little room to think about what you are trying to accomplish holistically.

Today, builders are taking a comprehensive approach with BDX Sales Maxx. The Sales Maxx process takes the opposite path and starts by building out a completely 3D virtual model instead of starting with the 3D renderings and then adding on additional items later. From the 3D virtual model or “Real Time Tour”, an unlimited amount of interior and exterior renderings can be pulled from the assets giving a builder additional camera angles and rooms that they may not have ordered when they were ordering a la carte. Sales Maxx also comes with a 3D multi-touch kiosk design that will enable home shoppers to interact with the model in an entirely new way – swapping out countertops and structural options on the fly. It really is everything a builder needs to max their sales potential, hence the name.

Choose BDX

With 3D renderings becoming more sophisticated by the day, the sky is the limit for this technology. With higher demand and more powerful processing, 3D renderings are making their way into industries everywhere. To learn more about 3D rendering projects and how BDX can help, contact BDX today to get started!

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