Watch Your Marketing Soar with Drone Aerial Video and Photography


BDX Drones Services provide dramatic aerial views of your home and communities.

Builders, do you think your home buyers might appreciate a little magic in their introduction to your community at your sales center?

Cue the music, roll back the curtains, and observe a Falcon just before it takes flight, ascending as it tracks your winding roads and rising higher as it circles your homes, the community, and incredible amenities. Now if only the homebuyer could see what that beautiful falcon sees…

As it turns out you don’t have to spend decades learning the art of falconry to thrill your home shoppers. All you need are BDX Drone Services to provide a powerful, emotional branding experience, utilizing the most dramatic aerial perspectives of your homes and communities. Unlike any other marketing technology available, drone video and photography enables buyers to fully experience a lifestyle and fall in love with your communities.

Use Drone Aerial Video and Photography to

  • Provide dramatic perspectives of your community
  • Dramatically enhance online listings of your new homes
  • Showcase the layout of your development
  • Capture time-lapse, phase by phase construction video
  • Highlight clubhouses, pools, and amenities
  • Capture people enjoying parks and recreational facilities
  • Show schools, shopping, and dining areas
  • Enable buyers to see progress on their homes’ construction

Drones are taking off in the homebuilding industry

According to the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index Survey, more than 20% of home builders have already used aerial drones. Market share rises with builder size. 23% of builders with 6 to 24 starts have used drones, 35% with 25 to 99 starts and 43% with 100 or more units.

Builders are using drones in increasingly creative ways. They are filming construction in phases with video time lapses to show buyers the expanding scope of their communities. They are capturing aerial video and photography for use on their websites, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat pages, where video does wonders in generating attention, likes, shares, and comments. They are using the footage in mobile and banner ads. They are dramatically enhancing the appeal of their listings on NewHomeSource and other online sites, and using the footage in mall kiosks to showcase their communities and drive traffic to sales centers. And at their sales centers, they are using the content to generate “Wow!” responses from home shoppers, and to distinguish themselves from the builders next door.

Brand your homes, your community, and your lifestyle

Home buyers tend to be amazed whenever and wherever they see drone video and photography. The impact creates and reinforces the perception that a builder is cutting edge with an eye toward the future, offering pioneering, inspired home and community designs. It also conveys a clear sense of the lifestyle a community affords, by combining images of homes and amenities with the people who live there and enjoy them.

BDX Drone Services

BDX enables builders to take advantage of all of these benefits at an affordable cost. Packages include photography and video, and range from $99 to $599. All pilots are FAA certified to ensure the safest and highest quality product, and to keep in compliance with up-to-the-minute changes in  FAA rules and regulations. For more information on BDX Drone Services, email or call 1-866-651-8866.


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