Virtual Cheers! Hosting Happy Hours Online



Right now most of us are working from home. We’re all quickly learning which online tools work best for our teams to collaborate, share files and hold meetings, but what is missing are the social interactions that we use to take for granted.

To help fill the gap and stay socially connected, teams around the globe are hosting virtual happy hours to share a virtual drink and swap stories about their experiences. Isolation is a real issue right now and we all need our circle of colleagues to rally new and different ways to provide support.

And while it’s fun to share a drink, as the leader of a virtual happy hour, you should also plan the conversation and make sure everyone is involved. What questions will you ask?  How can you gently guide the conversation if needed? Make sure to personally call on everyone to share a story.

Some ideas to host a fun online happy hour for your team:

  • Rally around a theme and have people dress up. Tiger King costumes anyone? Or have an 80’s theme with awards for the best 80’s outfit. Or even something simpler where everyone is encouraged to wear a funny t-shirt.
  • Host a trivia contest. Host a virtual trivia contest where people are typing their answers into the chat – first to answer scores a point!
  • Online talent show. Do your employees have special talents that they can share during your happy hour? Any piano players in the crowd, or someone brave enough to do karaoke?
  • Encourage inclusion of our new co-workers. Many people are working from home with kids, spouses or pets. Why not make one of your happy hours “Bring your co-worker” day?

And we’re getting in on the action here at BDX… Here’s a photo of our Envision team meeting up at the end of a busy, busy week to toast each other and have a little light hearted conversation.


Teams Around The World Are Throwing Virtual Happy Hours


Are you doing virtual happy hours? We’d love to see your virtual happy hour pics and add them to our post — send them to with the subject, Virtual Happy Hour. Cheers!

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