Understand Your Buyer’s Journey Better with Call Tracking



 Call Tracking Can Help Home Builders Track Their CallsThe value of inbound phone leads is not lost on marketers. And according to the Search Engine Journal, calls convert to revenue 10-15 times more than web leads. How do you ensure that your sales team is taking advantage of this marketing gold?

Call tracking has been practiced for several years and comes in many different forms. At its most basic and as defined by RevLocal, “call tracking is the process of tracking phone leads by inserting a tracking number into your paid ads, emails, landing pages, and website.” Using tracking numbers, builders can see which marketing service is producing the most results.

The Analytics of Call Tracking

Gathering data is the main reason builders use call tracking. Call tracking gathers statistics for the duration of the phone call and the total number of phone calls. It also records caller ID, the date and time called. These statistics can figure out what the best time to call someone is and what time most calls are received during the day. Builders can also analyze the keywords their customers used most during the phone call. With this information, companies can understand where to invest their money for marketing.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Using Call Tracking as a Training Tool

Another way call tracking can be implemented into your company is by using it as a way to train your salespeople and anyone else who interacts with home shoppers. One of the call tracking features includes recording the phone conversation. But don’t worry, both parties are made aware by a legal message that states they are being recorded and monitored. By utilizing this feature, sales representatives can improve upon their techniques and sales managers can make sure those sales leads are being converted.

BDX’s Call Tracking

How do you start this service? When you work with BDX, we make it easy. Every NewHomeSource listing includes call tracking as a free benefit. Builders can access their call tracking reports and call recordings through BDXLive. Want to learn more? If you’re currently listing with us, your account manager can give you more information. Not listing with us yet? Get in touch today to get started!

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