Top Builder eFlyers February 2017

From our eFlyers sent in February, we chose several campaigns that captured open and click rates up to 40% higher than our averages to get a sense of what made these campaigns successful, and the results are below. As always, we would love to hear your comments regarding this information. Please email us at with any feedback.

#1 – Turner Hill

Subject Line: You’re Invited to Lunch at Turner Hill

Emails should be easy to read, providing a flow that can allow openers to understand your message. Using fonts with different sizes, like this Turner Hill eFlyer, will help readers identify the most important content within the email. For events or invitations, the where (location) and when (time and date) should stand out from the rest to catch the recipient’s eye.

#2 – Millennium Tower | Boston

Subject Line: This is one of only 11 in existence

The design on your eFlyer needs to reflect the style of your community, and here is a great example of a clean and well-balanced design that proves that less is more. Millennium Tower goes with a minimalist and elegant style for the eFlyer that goes along to showcase a unique view from one of the residences using a gallery-like design. The headline, description and contact information are all centrally focused and the bold text  highlights the important details in a subtle way, overall, the entire email becomes an attractive call to action.

#3 – LStar Ventures | Grand Dunes

Subject Line: Exquisite Home for Sale in Grande Dunes

Personalization is a key point when trying to reach your agents. Having a specific sales person that they can contact will trigger readers to contact you for more information. In this LStar Ventures email, the information of the sales agent is provided in an easy to read format. Make sure an email address and phone number are provided when creating your email design.

#4 – NVP | Stone Crest

Subject Line: Move up to a new home at Stone Crest, Warrenton VA

Use colorful and eye catching images at the top of your email flyer, and set them up as links to more images and references to your community or home being advertised. Less is always better, and this also applies to the photographic assets within the contents. Make sure to select the ones that will associate to the message being delivered, like in this NVP eFlyer when the photos used match the content.

#5 – BNE | Pearl River

Subject Line: Earn One Month’s Commission at the Club at River Pearl!

Make yourself contactable. Include a phone number, email address, mailing address and your home page so your agents have multiple ways of getting in touch and take your clients to the sponsored community. Have all these options work as clickable links so it’s easier for them to take action on the first step to visit your community.


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