Top 10 Stories of 2020

The end of the year is near and to sum up 2020, we put together a list of the articles that you liked best. Ranked by views and engagement, they are worth a second read! We uncovered numbers seven through ten of the countdown last week in part one. Here’s the link if you missed it. Check out the video for a summary of our top 10 or click to read the articles below.

1. Keeping The Homebuilding Industry Strong: Free PSAs For Builders

2. Infographic: How To Choose The Right Virtual Content

3. Case Study: Builder Increases Organic Traffic 100%

4. Infographic: The Home Of The Future

5. Top 4 Traffic Sources For Homebuilders That Convert

6. Best Practices For Advertising Creative In The New Normal

7. 7 Ways Homebuilders Can Embrace Digital Transformation

8. BDX Video Solutions Increase Leads For HomeBuilders

9. Visual Content Playbook

10. Is It Time For An Online Design Center?

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Top 10 Stories of 2020- Part 1

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