To Visualize Or Not To Visualize, That Is The Question.

February 10, 2020 Alaina Latiolais


Envisioning something you can’t see is a challenge for many of us and research shows that visualization of an unbuilt home or community is especially challenging for home buyers. In a recent study of active home shoppers, issues with visualization was cited in the top 5 friction points in the home shopping journey—often becoming the tipping point for consumers to abandon new for a used home.

The great news is that technology paves the way to visualization with option visualizers! When surveyed, active home shoppers poured on the love for this handy visualization tool.

“This was made for me!  I love to click and see what a room could look like – very helpful!”  (Victoria, FL)

“Love this!  Amazing!  Would really help with furniture matches to what we already own.” (Lindsey, MN)

“I really wish my preferred builder had this.  This is needed for a design center experience.” (Kevin, Sacramento)

“Like a home depot (remodeling app) feature to aid in your remodeling project or custom-designed home.”  (Rita, LA)

“Very helpful – allows me to try different colors and see the impact on different moods and understand room size impacts.”  (Joe, LA)

“This was helpful to decide what color scheme to have, what furniture to use.”  (Angelette, LA)

“Would have been nice to understand my options and the impact – and would be fun to customize my home.”  (Emily, Phoenix)

“Very important feature to have.  I love this because I can change things.”  (Xochi, Austin)

A simple tool to add to your website or sales center experience, indoor and outdoor option visualizers also have the added benefit of lead capture—another reason we love them. Looking for a way to capture the heart of buyers? Contact BDX at for more information on home visualizers or visit



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