Three T Tree - Finding The Right Partner For Your Visual Content

Earth Day is almost here so we thought that the least that we can do is highlight our oxygen producing friends in an alliteration that spells out the benefits of working with an expert when it comes to your visual content. The three T’s stand for Technology, Trust, and Troubleshooting. Now let’s dive into the idea behind each of our T’s. 


Innovation provides an earth full of benefits in many areas of life, but it can have its downside as well. Innovators boldly look for new solutions and, in their efforts, overcome countless roadblocks, paving the way for new players to come in and join the party. This cycle isn’t inherently bad as much of the world economy was built around competition. How does this relate to picking a visual content provider? It’s simple, the companies at the forefront of technology have more troubleshooting under their belt. As they dive into new spaces, they take past learnings with them and have fewer blind spots than companies that are new to the game. It’s also a great idea to hire a company with insight into how home shoppers search online, like the Visual Content experts at BDX who leverage insights from the audience at 


Trust, reliability—knowing the character of your vendors is important. Did you know that BDX is owned by builders? Started by a consortium of homebuilders, BDX was created to be the innovator and voice of the industry. We were also selected to manage the industry’s ratings and reviews program, TrustBuilder. BDX has your best interest at heart, and we want you to make the highest profit from your homes—it’s in our mission! For big projects or small, we’ve got you covered for all your visual content needs. 


A great vendor should be a partner always looking for solutions to solve your biggest challenges. Many of the solutions that BDX offers today stemmed from solving a problem for a builder. We diligently research new technology and invest in building solutions that will collide as a solution to a problem. Many of our clients consider us consultants and some of them have us on speed dial whenever they are looking for a creative solution to a problem. 

Need to solve a problem? Email us or visit us at for more information.

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At BDX, our team of experts sets us apart. For over 20 years, we’ve helped top builders successfully market their new home communities. We work with over 1000 builders to create successful digital marketing programs. Our professionals are experts in the latest technology, marketing, and industry trends.

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