The Three Advantages of Virtual Tours for Homebuilders

3 Advantages of Virtual Tours For Home Builders

2020 is the year of virtual. Virtual meetings. Virtual happy hours. And for homebuilders, it is the year of virtual tours. What used to be a nice-to-have is now a necessity that you can no longer afford not to have on your website or listing.

The investment in virtual home tours is not only a sound one, but pays off in a short period of time. The statistics are out there.

  • Listings with virtual tours get 87% more views 1
  • Websites with virtual tours are viewed 3–6X longer than those without 2
  • Properties with virtual tours receive 49% more qualified leads 2

Below are three advantages of virtual tours for home builders.

  1. Virtual tours are sometimes the only option for home shoppers

Since the pandemic, there are still many home shoppers not comfortable in a retail environment. Virtual tours are a safe and risk-free option for shopping for a new home. Without online tours, there is a risk your models may not even be considered.

Likewise, for whatever reason, relocating buyers may not want to or be able to travel to see your models in-person. To assume that all buyers are local and will be able to come to visit your homes is a costly mistake.

Did you know that people, especially millennials (41% in 2017!) are buying homes site unseen and would like to do most of the research and discovery on their own?

  1. Virtual tours bring your homes to life before they are built

You no longer have to wait for the construction of a model home to start selling your newest home plans. With a virtual tour, home shoppers can view your latest house plans online and picture themselves living in their new home and community. By the time the new model is completed, you’ll already have multiple homes sold.

3 Advantages of Virtual Tours For Home Builders


Plus, virtual tours allow for ideation and experimentation that you can’t get in person. With a physical model home, you can only build one façade or one layout, one interior design style, making it hard for people to visualize structural changes either exteriorly or interiorly. A virtual tour can present multiple options, allowing home shoppers to visualize and design their dream home. 

“We have sold over 20 lots and closed 2 homes all before the models were decorated.” ~ Woodside Homes

3 Advantages of Virtual Tours For Home Builders

  1. Virtual tours are available anytime and anywhere

Models open only during “banking hours” make it challenging for home shoppers to view them. This is true even post-pandemic, where people may not be in an office but are tied to their computers all day on Zoom calls. Virtual tours give home shoppers the flexibility to view models when they want and even where they want. Shoppers can easily return and tour the home again and again with just a click of a button. And they can share the experience with friends and family on social media. 

Online tours are a game-changer for builders and here to stay. Check out the 10 Reasons to Partner with BDX for Your Virtual Experience. Ready to get started now? Contact us at



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