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Learn The Elements Home Builders Need to Have A Great Landing PageAs a home builder, you know the importance of targeted and optimized ads designed to bring live traffic to your website. You’ve done the work, and your ads are showing results, but there’s another element crucial to your marketing success – your landing page.

Landing pages convert visitors to leads. Although converting leads is a home builder’s intent, sadly there is often a disconnect between a landing page and a home page. In fact, according to MarketingSherpa’s Landing Page Handbook, nearly 44 percent of clicks for all companies are directed to a homepage, not a landing page.

What is a landing page?

An optimized landing page allows your business to capture visitor’s information through a lead-capture/conversion form on your website. Strong landing pages will target a specific audience. For example, traffic that came from your email campaign regarding a special you’re offering, or a webinar on best practices for adding on a new addition, porch or deck. By providing something of value, you raise your chances of converting a higher percentage of visitors into leads. As a bonus, you capture valuable visitor information.

Landing pages must-dos!

To maximize ad conversion, create dedicated landing pages for your ads. It’s important that your landing page has the same message as your pre-click ads. To optimize your landing page, every ad should be connected to a relevant and personalized landing page, and vice versa. That way, when a visitor clicks on an ad promoting your home building services, it doesn’t take them to a page that is irrelevant.

Use your images, colors and marketing messages to create a consistent customer experience between your advertising and landing pages. Maintaining and building your brand is vital to your success, and ensuring that all elements work together will show customers who you are, what you offer, and why they should trust you as an expert in your industry.

Connecting your ads to your landing page satisfies the call to action (CTA) and is associated with the location or community advertised. A CTA is only as good as the customers it converts to sales. It should capture a visitor’s attention and provide information and instructions about your advertisement.

Your landing page message should be simple, clear and concise. A cluttered or overly disorganized landing page can turn off rather than turn on visitors to your site. Keep headlines clear and to the point yet catchy; make sure your content is of the highest quality; and use a strong CTA and memorable images or videos, as well as reliable testimonies.

successful CTA should clearly specify what you want your visitors to do. It should be both benefit-oriented and action-oriented. If the visitor finds your CTA confusing, they will likely leave your site, and you will lose a very valuable opportunity for conversion.

Include the CTA above the fold on the web page. Your CTA should be the first thing the customer sees when they land on your page. Nobody will click on your CTA if they can’t even find it or if they have to scroll down the page. This is one time when size matters. For anything clickable, Apple recommends a minimum size of 44 x 44 pixels. But, keep in mind that having too large of a CTA might pose a risk for timid visitors to click.

To optimize your landing page form:

  • Keep it simple, clean and organized.
  • Only ask for information you MUST have.
  • Make use of white space.
  • Consider using radio buttons (icons used to select an option).
  • Design your landing page to be mobile friendly.
  • Have a pre-defined process for responding within five minutes to interested customers.

A home builder landing page will build your brand, drive shopper traffic, improve your SEO, and convert visitors. Why spend advertising dollars on ad placements without receiving or realizing tangible results in terms of conversions?

If you need more information, call the experts at BDX. We’ve been helping companies in the home building industry connect with home buyers for more than 15 years. Our knowledge, service and support help you with your marketing, media and technology needs so you can concentrate on what you do best: running a successful business.

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