The Next Big Thing in Builder Advertising: Dynamic Creative



Dynamic Creative Optimization Creates An Individualized Experience For Home Shoppers

Imagine being able to target a home shopper directly by creating an individualized experience for them. This is the power of dynamic creative optimization, and it’s one of the latest trends in digital marketing that focuses on serving the right ad to the right user at the right time.

In this post, we’ll define dynamic creative, show a few examples of how it’s used in the building industry today, and provide a few best practices for getting started with dynamic creative in your company

What is Dynamic Creative?

Dynamic Creative Optimization is a display advertising technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to test and optimize various combinations of display ad units including color, copy, call-to-actions (CTAs), imagery and placement of each variation. In layman’s terms, testing different ad elements in order to personalize content for each user. Dynamic creative is not A/B testing an ad to see which one works for a collective audience. And it’s definitely not spammy. This method eliminates manual testing and the bias that comes with it because the AI engine manages the rotation and then quickly optimizes to the best performing ad for the shopper

Why is Dynamic Creative Important?

Home shoppers are not one size fits all – some might need a single family home to support their needs, others multifamily housing. While some shoppers might be relocating to a different city or state, others want to find a neighborhood in close proximity to work or school. With so many differentiating needs, it makes sense that ads for such a wide assortment of buyers would need to look and feel different. It’s vital that builders know the best ways to reach new home shoppers as individuals, and by utilizing Dynamic Creative Optimization, builders can learn and acquire more knowledge of each targeted individual’s behavior and target them with the best ad to get results.

Real Examples of Dynamic Creative in Action

BDX is launching our own version of Dynamic Creative Optimization. When you take into consideration the complexity of market behavior, the new construction industry is the perfect candidate for Dynamic Creative Optimization. By isolating the best performing copy, imagery, call-to-actions (CTAs) and placement on a market-by-market basis, we’ve found that exterior images perform better in a majority of markets, but interior images tend to do better in Florida and California. We’ve attained the creative formula for builders, but now we want to perfect the formula for each individual builder on a market and audience basis.

If you’re ready to provide your homebuyers with an immersive marketing experience, dynamic creative is definitely an option for you.

We specialize in delivering marketing solutions that get results. Contact us today to learn how you can target home shoppers better with a combination of our innovative marketing solutions for home builders.

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