The Most Important Stories You Should Be Telling with Video



The Best Way For Builders To Communicate Their Story Is Through Video


One way builders can connect with their customers is to tell their story. The best way for you to communicate your story to home buyers is through video. Home builder stories give a more personal, inside look at your company and make buyers feel in the loop. During this post, we’ll discuss why these stories are valued and what significant stories you should be telling through video.

Stories Impact Your Customers

The stories you tell should make your home buyer feel like they are an insider and are getting backstage passes into your company. Your videos should show what makes your company unique as a builder and your stories should be sincere. Display your company’s culture, showcase your products, tell of your success and show them your mistakes. The stories you tell represent you as a brand.

Company Culture

People want to know who they will be working with to build their dream home. Post a video with your staff in their natural environment whether it be in the office or on the construction site. You could also incorporate interviews with your employees explaining their name, position and their favorite thing about working at your company. Show your customers the faces behind the brand – this helps reveal your company’s culture and demonstrates it’s more than just a business.

Visualize Your Product

Use video to showcase your product. As a builder, you can present your model home through a video tour. The tour will help them feel like they’re immersed by the details of the home and give them a representation of your product. Incorporate actors into your video tour to show the imagery of a person just like your customer. Another story you should visualize is the community. Utilize a drone to show a point of view from above and display the community as a whole. Make sure your tour of the community talks about the nearby restaurants and shops – this is vital because, with this video, your customer gets to experience the vibe of the neighborhood and the environment they would be surrounded by.

Show Them Success 

Use testimonials from previous customers to show them your success. Visualizing testimonials will show credibility for your company. Testimonials are unbiased and build your customer’s trust. Choose a testimonial that doesn’t rave about your product, but instead, talks about how you helped them solve a problem in their home-buying journey.

Show Them Mistakes 

We’re all human, so it’s more concerning that you’re hiding your mistakes versus displaying them. According to Meredith Communications, “the real value of telling stories about mistakes is the story about what happened after the mistake.” Use video as a way to tell buyers how your company reacted to the mistake and how the company resolved the issue. Slip-ups can happen, so when your buyer encounters this problem, they can be rest-assured that your company will solve it because they’ve already seen proof of resolution.

When creating a video, be creative in order to differentiate your brand from other builder videos. All of these stories are important to present to a customer – they build trust in your relationship with the customer and show the character of your company, therefore gaining more home buyers. To learn more about content marketing techniques, contact one of our digital marketing consultants.

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