The Evolution of the Online Buyer: From Dreaming To Buying

The Evolution of the Online Buyer: From Dreaming To Buying

In the home building industry we talk a lot about the different stages of the home buyer journey. At BDX, we are specifically focused on how technology can support this journey and inspire, engage, and enable transactions throughout the process. We’ve recently seen an evolution of the online buyer as they are moving from just dreaming online to actually transacting and buying. This is a huge shift, and the savvy builders are poised to meet buyers where they are.

One way to think of the process is like a continuum of solutions and technologies you can leverage.

The starting point and most basic approach is to focus on a single room or scene. You can use static assets here like rendered still images. You can also add a single room visualizer into the mix so shoppers can start to see what the different options and finishes would look like in that scene.

The next level would be to give shoppers a visual experience of the whole home. If you’re working from plans, IFPs, Virtual Walkthroughs, and Online VR are great options here. Focusing on the whole home gives buys a sense of flow and space and helps them further down the road of visualizing their dream.

Buying a home is about so much more than just one plan or specific home, and so it is increasingly important to give shoppers a view of the whole community and the advantages of living there. Interactive site plans let buyers see availability and what specific plans can be built on a particular lot, kiosks can also help bring your community to life, and video is a great way to showcase the local area.

One new whole community solution that is quickly gaining traction is BDX’s Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver puts your most dynamic content in one website experience for your shoppers. It lives on your website and guides shoppers through the home buying journey.

The shopper picks their starting point and begins designing their dream home – they can start with a visualizer, interactive site plan, interactive floor plan, or online design center. Then leads are seamlessly delivered to your CRM system. To learn more, check out this video:

No matter where you are in your technology journey, BDX is here to help. We’d love to talk to you about your digital strategy – reach out at to set up some time with one of our digital marketing experts.

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