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This week we’re taking a BYTE out of image optimization strategies, TikTok’s video description update, personalization tips for CX, Twitter holiday tactics, and Airbnb’s potato. 



10 Image Optimization Strategies for SEO

Image optimization is necessary to succeed with SEO and your overall website performance. In fact, according to HTTP Archive, images that are not optimized make up “75% of a total webpage’s weight.” The image file size, compression level, and dimensions contribute to the weight of a webpage, making your pages load slower. Learn ten strategies from Content Marketing Institute’s blog post to improve your website’s user experience and searchability. 

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TikTok’s Video Description Update

Tiktok is embracing the fact that younger generations, such as Generation Z, are leveraging the video platform as a discovery platform, and their latest upgrade supports this tactic. The social media app recently increased its character count for video descriptions, from 300 to 2,200. This move marks the first step for TikTok to become ‘more searchable and better recommended’. Read more about this upgrade and what it means for marketers in Social Media Today’s article.

3 Tips for Personalization of Your CX

Some brands believe personalizing your email blasts is enough to connect, but your customer experience would fall short with today’s consumers. With accessibility to social media and chat apps, marketers need to expand to an omnichannel messaging approach. In fact, according to MarketingProfs research, “more than half of (58%) of consumers say that they prefer that brands use social media to communicate versus other methods, such as email, call, or text.” Learn more about best practices to enhance the personalization of your customer experience on the link above.

5 Twitter Holiday Marketing Tactics

Halloween is around the corner, which marks the beginning of a series of holidays and opportunities to maximize your sales push on social media, such as Twitter. When you use a successful marketing approach, Twitter is a great source to capitalize on boosting brand and product awareness. Up your Twitter game as we head into the holiday season with these five key marketing tactics from Social Media Today’s blog post.

Totally Unrelated

You Can Now Sleep in a Potato

September is National Potato Month. Airbnb’s recent campaign featured a vacation home that was very fitting for the occasion. The video campaign showcased a potato-themed tiny home located where else but America’s potato capital - Idaho. Although the inside looks like a modern hotel room, the exterior of the building looks exactly like a Potato. Watch Airbnb’s video to see it for yourself.

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