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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of infographics, the inbound marketing sales funnel, social media with high ROI, three pillars of a content marketing strategy, and Mars’s AI technology. Dig in!



Should marketers add infographics to their blog content? 

The short answer is yes! Utilizing infographics in your blog post boosts SEO, brand awareness, and the chance of your content being shared. 

According to the survey administered by the content marketing agency, Brafton, “articles with infographics drive 8x more clicks than those without. See more results from their research and learn how infographics impact your blog posts here


Take Note

Inbound Marketing Sales Funnel

The sales funnel concept is an essential fundamental of marketing. However, the traditional funnel is based on outbound marketing tactics where you coldly reach out to sales prospects. Today, most marketers use inbound marketing to generate leads and traffic by creating content like blogs, emails, and social media posts. As a result, the sales funnel concept has been modified to reflect these changes. 

Read this blog post from Brafton to walk through the new inbound marketing sales funnel and learn tips to improve your own sales funnel strategy. 

Social Media Channels With The Highest ROI 

Social media usage is constantly changing, so it can be challenging to know where to get the biggest bang for your buck. Check out Hubspot’s article to learn which social media channels have the highest ROI, and contact a BDXpert to learn how we can help you put together a social media strategy to drive sales.

3 Components To A Winning Content Strategy

Creating content for the sake of just creating more content can be a tedious and low-return strategy. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute cited that, “60% of the most successful marketers use a documented content marketing strategy.” 

There are three key pillars to creating a winning content strategy. Find out what these elements are in this blog post


Totally Unrelated

Mars Uses AI For Ad Testing

Have you ever clicked on an online ad and then received a survey asking how the ad made you feel or if it influenced you to buy the product? These polls are an integral part of ad pretesting and give some insights to marketers, but not the complete picture. For example, Mars – the food and candy company - is testing a new way to gauge the impact of their video ads by using AI to measure the viewer’s emotional response. Learn more about this in Marketing Dive’s article.

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