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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of top brands Americans feel connected to in 2021, website themes, 4Es of video marketing, TikTok’s holiday guide, and Facebook’s smart glasses. Dig in!



Top Brands Americans Feel Connected to in 2021

Emotional connections build brands people trust. That’s certainly true of the leaders who ranked high in this survey by agency MBLM. The report surveyed 3,000 consumers on which popular brands they have the most “intimate” connection with this year. View the infographic now to see which brands consumers feel closest to. And then check out this article on ingredient branding to see how you can leverage the brands inside your homes.


Take Note

Do website themes impact SEO?

According to Google’s John Mueller, your website theme is more than just a splash of color and words. Depending on the website theme, it can either negatively or positively affect your organic search ranking. 

Read this article from Search Engine Journal and BDX’s website recipe to learn what elements make a great website and how to choose a theme that boosts your SEO.     

The 4Es of Video Marketing

Marketers face the difficult challenge of keeping up with the changing behaviors and expectations of today’s buyers. Video offers an outlet to meet these consumers’ needs of learning and engaging on-demand, especially when brands use the 4Es of video. Find out what these unique attributes are and how to leverage them in your video marketing in MarketingProfs’ blog post.  

TikTok’s Holiday Guide

Let the festivities begin! It’s officially Fall, which means it’s time to lock down your holiday social media strategies. TikTok, a key market for boosting brand awareness, recently released its 2021 holiday guide. View this infographic to uncover the social app’s usage stats, important dates, and tips to optimize your outreach during the holiday season. 


Totally Unrelated

Facebook’s Smart Glasses

Facebook revealed the first look at their new smart glasses, a collaboration with Ray Bans. The glasses allow users to record what they are seeing in real-time and integrate with Facebook. This model is the first step forward, but eventually, the glasses will be fully AR capable. Read more about this device on Social Media Today’s article

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