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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into. 

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of Instagram Reels, Twitter Circle, paid search and paid social, content writing strategies, and AI’s artwork. 



Reels Getting the Most Reach on Instagram

Images may be the most shared post on Instagram, but video engagement is rapidly growing. According to HypeAuditor’s report, based on metrics from July 2022, Reels get the most reach distribution with 33.8% and likes distribution with 35.4%. These trends indicate that video is currently a key focus for Instagram and an excellent opportunity for marketers to optimize engagement. Read more insights on Instagram’s engagement on Social Media Today’s article.


Take Notes

Twitter Circle

Like Instagram’s “close friends” tool, Twitter’s newest feature lets people exclusively share their tweets with a select audience. 

Twitter’s tool called Twitter Circle is now available to everyone and offers you new opportunities to cater your social media marketing to a niche audience of up to 150 people. Learn more about this tool on The verge’s blog post

Tips for Paid Search and Paid Social 

Managing paid social and paid search can be difficult, but when successful can achieve impressions, clicks, conversions, and maybe even a new customer. Of course, gaining traffic requires a strategy, but sometimes it’s the little things you’re unaware of preventing traffic. Check out these five common reasons your campaigns or ads might be struggling from Search Engine Journal’s article and reach out to a BDXpert to improve your PPC.

Seven strategies for Writing Content

Writing content that connects with your audience takes a strategic plan to attract and understand your readers. 

Marketing Profs’ created a guide that walks you through a seven-step process to write content effectively, from ideating your content to writing with empathy to your audience. View the infographic here.    


Totally Unrelated

AI Artwork Wins Competition

Artwork that won the Colorado State fair has everyone in a frenzy. Why? The piece wasn’t created by a human but by a text-to-image AI program. Jason Allen entered his submission called “Theatre d’Opera Spatial” in an art competition at the state fair that his AI program, Midjourney, created. In a turn of events, the image won. Jason accomplished his goal of winning the contest with artificial intelligence artwork. Read the full story in The Verge’s article

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