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This week we’re taking a BYTE out of an old way making a comeback, an unseen world around us, a new wave expanding, people getting fancy again, and some serious social. Dig in!


All Under One Roof
19% of Americans now live in multigenerational houses.

Everybody is Moving In
This is the most people living in a family house since 1950. All of the credit for this upward trend doesn’t go to millennials moving in with their parents. We’re also seeing older generations moving in with their children as well as an increase in communities that traditionally have the whole family under one roof. Increases in home prices have caused more people to consider pooling resources and getting a bigger place with more family involved. With this trend continuing to rise, the types of homes people search for is ever changing.

Did You See That?

Sorry Forgot To Put My Goggles On
Whether you watching through your phone or a headset, Augmented and Virtual Reality are everywhere. AR/VR is expected to grow to be a market worth $215 billion in 2021. Right now, we are seeing it in limited use, but in four years or less, we may always see a virtual world around us. Take video games for example, Marvel recently partnered with Oculus to make a VR immersive game that allows everyone to become their favorite superhero and save the virtual world after work. Buckle your seat belts, these next four years could bring about a literal new world.

Take Notes

Bringing Your Work Home
WeWork, the co-working space company, has announced plans to expand its WeLive operations into Seattle. One of the many new alternatives to the traditional ways of living, WeLive is a high end co-living space that includes everything you need to live and work happily. WeLive has apartments in D.C. and New York currently but if Seattle goes well we may see these in most major cities.

Fancy Living
Luxury home sales were strong in the second quarter of 2017. The prices of luxury homes rose 7.5%, which is a bigger rise than the rest of the market. The luxury market hasn’t outpaced the rest of the housing market since 2014. The dramatic increase is being attributed to the low number of high-end homes available. So basically the housing squeeze is affecting the top part of the housing market too. Seems no one is safe from having to try a little harder to find the right home.

Who Isn’t On Social Media These Days?
Turns out there are still people signing in. Globally there are now 3.028 billion active social media users. As more developing countries get more reliable internet access, more people are signing up to share their lives online. This is from a global report on social and online use from Hootsuite and We Are Social. The report also points out that there are 2.78 billion active mobile social users, which shows that social and mobile social aren’t slowing down in the near future.

Totally Unrelated

It never hurts to have someone in the house that can sing and play the piano, this beagle is no exception.

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