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This week we're taking a BYTE out of video's next revolution, Facebook ads, why businesses dismiss digital marketing, social media mistakes, and smart home geo fencing. Dig in!



What's next for video marketing? 

Video marketing has exploded in these last few years with new creative content, especially with video platforms like TikTok. But as our audience's expectations change to personal relevance, so will our media.  

Video's next revolution will focus on a concept we are familiar with in our emails and newsletter – personalization. Learn more to compel your audience with these tips, examples, and ideas for video campaigns from Content Marketing Institute's blog post.


Take Note

Types Of Facebook Ads

Are your Facebook ads performing as well as you would like? Advertising on Facebook is an excellent source of additional sales and revenue, but you need to know what type of ad to use to do so. The first step is determining the goal of your ads, such as prompting an action or lead generation. Once you've chosen the purpose, check out Social Media Examiner's blog post to help identify the best type of ad to utilize and helpful tips to boost your performance.  


What's the top reason businesses resist digital marketing?

If you haven't tackled digital marketing yet, this is a wake-up call to start now. In fact, according to DigitalMarketer, digital ad spending "is expected to shoot up 17% in 2021." That's much higher than the previous year at 2.4%. 

Embracing online marketing is an opportunity to get to know your audience on a personal level. So why would businesses deny this chance? Find out the number one reason in DigitalMarketer's article and contact BDX to help build a digital marketing strategy that gets you front and center of home shoppers.    


7 Social Media Mistakes 

We're human. It's in our nature to make mistakes. Marketers are no exception when it comes to what they post online. The beauty of making an error is that someone else learns from them. Red Website Design created an infographic that lists seven social media mistakes every marketer should avoid. Check it out here to improve your digital presence and social engagement. 


Totally Unrelated

Smart Home Geofencing

Geo-Fencing has already impacted the advertising world, but now it might benefit your Smart Home too. Imagine pulling into your driveway to your lights turning on, your alarm disarming, temperature adjusting, and your garage opening. These are the possibilities when geo-fencing combines with smart home devices. This technology makes your smart home even smarter. Learn more advantages of using geofencing in your home from this article from Digital Trends. 

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