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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news for you to sink your teeth into. 

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of Connected TV, LinkedIn stickers, interactive marketing, social media tips, and robot dogs. Dig in!


Reach Consumers with Connected TV

According to a study from Digital TV Europe, Connected TV (CTV) content has reached more than 1.1 billion devices worldwide. And with a 26% year-over-year growth --it's no wonder brands are implementing CTV ads, such as BDX's NewHomeSmart TV, into their marketing arsenal. Check out this article from Marketing Dive to learn more about this growing trend and how to use it to reach consumers effectively. 

Take Notes

LinkedIn's Stickers

LinkedIn takes a page from Instagram's and Facebook's stories with its new post tool. The social platform created a link sticker users can apply to images to boost engagement and drive external traffic from their posts. Not to mention the customization of this sticker brings a creative approach for marketers. Learn more about this feature on Social Media Today's blog post

Interactive Marketing Examples

Successful brands understand a responsive approach is required to connect with today's customers. Interactive marketing, also know as event-based marketing, meets these expectations with marketing initiatives that trigger depending on the user action taken. Unlike traditional marketing, interactive marketing uses a two-way street method to engage. Read Brafton's article to see interactive marketing examples and best practices.  

14 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Producing and managing social media content takes purpose and knowing your audience. It's not an easy feat and will take some practice to master generating engagement from your followers. View this infographic on Social Media Today's blog post to learn fourteen tips to improve your social media content strategy. 


Totally Unrelated

U.S. Space Force Station Robot Dogs

People use dogs for protection in many instances, so it's not unusual that the U.S. Space Force chose to use them to guard the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. However, these creatures are not fluffy or even alive — they're robots. A Philadelphia-based company called Ghost Robotics invented and programmed the dogs to be controlled by a remote or run autonomously. Read more about these robot dogs in Gizmodo's article.

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