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The BYTE Highlights Contact Lenses That Zoom, A Way To Prevent Gym Clothes From Smelling, And A Plastic-Free Online Grocery Store


Welcome to the BYTE where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of a new way to ship, contact lenses that zoom, a way to prevent gym clothes from smelling, a plastic-free online grocery store, and a new way to predict weather. Dig in!





Goodbye Cardboard Boxes

3M has created a new way to ship products to consumers without the hassle of a box.

Hello Flex & Seal Shipping Roll

Shipping can be a nuisance. You have to find the right size box, tape, and then lug it to the post office to ship (after paying astronomical shipping fees!). Fortunately for shippers, 3M has a designed a new shipping material to alleviate these problems. Dubbed the Flex & Seal Shipping Roll, this material is made out of three layers of plastic, including an adhesive layer and a middle layer that is cushioned to protect products and goods during transport. And for those eco-friendly consumers, the Flex & Seal is recyclable.



Zoom-In with Your Eyes

We’ve made leaps and bounds with modern technology, so let’s just take a moment to ponder the effects of the newest technology that scientists have whipped up – contact lenses that can zoom in. Sure, it’s a fantastic idea for those who have vision problems, but can you imagine driving down the highway and you accidentally zoom-in by blinking twice? Talk about being up close and personal. These lenses respond to electric impulses that are generated when your eyes made specific movements.



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Sweet-Smelling Sweat

Scientists have come up with a solution to prevent sweaty gym clothes from smellingsweaty. Using a protein found in pigs’ noses, engineers from the University of Minho in Portugal have created a way to transform cotton fabric so that when it comes into contact with sweat, a lemony smell is emitted. A quick trip to the gym just got better!

A Plastic-Free Online Grocery Store

The go-green movement is making its way into every industry, including grocery shopping. Start-up, Rise Mrkt, sends you food in a compostable package, thus eliminating the need for trash. According to Rise Mrkt founder, Jordyn Gatti, “we live in an age of plastic, and it touches pretty much every part of the food industry… that plastic will do nothing but damage our environment for generations to come.” Currently, Rise Mrkt is only selling dry good as some products can be hard to ship without plastic.

A New Way to Predict Weather

It’s no secret that Meteorologists can predict the weather wrong. In fact, you’ve probably seen it go from sunny to stormy within a matter of hours. But former Israeli military and special forces veterans have created a game changer for the weather world. Combining data analytics, traditional inputs and analysis of signals beamed between cell towers, this startup has found a way to predict local weather six hours in advance.



Totally Unrelated


Who Ya Gonna Call

Yes, the idea of Area 51 is a mystery and sure, it would be cool to take a peek inside. But, do you really want to storm this government facility? We’ve seen all the memes and advice across social media, but this one tops them all – The Ghostbusters have a message for all you alien adventurers: Don’t storm Area 51 without a professional (and by professional, they mean themselves).

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