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This week we're taking a BYTE out of best practices for email subject lines, emojis, strategies to improve Instagram marketing, and an iPhone eye exam. Dig in!



Best Practices For Email Subject Lines

Your email subject line is an email recipient’s first impression. It can mean the difference between someone opening and engaging with your email OR hitting the dreaded trash button. Practice makes perfect when it comes to marketing, and this method applies to your email subject lines as well. Check out these ten tips from Content Marketing Institute to help you write high-performing subject lines and pique the interest of your audience. 


Take Note

Can emojis be used as a secret weapon in marketing?

With all of the different ways to connect with home shoppers, who would have ever thought that emojis could be effective? According to a survey administered by Adobe, 42% of emoji-users said they would be more willing to purchase products advertised using emojis. Emojis are especially popular among the younger generation, such as the Gen-Zers. Learn more about leveraging emojis in your marketing, customer service, and social media here.

Take Your Instagram Marketing Beyond Images

Instagram is no longer just focusing on imagery. The social media platform is now honing in on four key areas that provide new opportunities for any business. These areas include creators, video, messaging, and even shopping. Marketers can take advantage of these new opportunities and create content strategies that prioritize these areas. Take a look at Social Media Examiner’s article to learn 11 techniques on Instagram that can help you embrace these new options. 


Totally Unrelated

iPhone Eye Exam

Warby Parker’s new app, called Virtual Vision Test, may save you a trip to the optometrist, time, and money. The app only requires ten feet of space, good lighting, and an iPhone. Once your test finishes, your results get sent to a doctor who determines whether you need to get an in-person exam or renew your prescription. Learn more about this telehealth solution in Fast Company’s article

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