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This week we’re taking a BYTE out of growth marketing strategies, Instagram’s AR elements, best practices to write a hook, video content tools, and Spotify’s Upside Down playlist. Dig in!


8 Growth Marketing Strategies

Growth marketing is increasingly becoming more popular and adopted among businesses. This practice uses marketing fundamentals, data, and digital tools to identify high-return marketing opportunities. One example of growth marketing is user-generated content that has been tried and tested to be successful. In fact, according to EmbedSocial, “93% of marketers agree that content created by consumers performed better than branded content.” Learn seven more easy-to-implement growth marketing strategies in AppSumo’s blog post


Take Notes

Instagram’s AR Elements

Instagram is entering the world of augmented reality (AR). Recently, the social platform started testing AR stickers and text to enhance users’ experience on Stories by enabling them to place 3D objects within their physical space. But that’s not the only new AR element the social platform wants to utilize. They are also trying to implement NFTs. Read more in Social Media Today’s article

Best Practices to Help Marketers Write a Hook

The hook, those first few sentences you write, determine whether the reader will invest their time in your writing or not. Your hook should grab attention and compel your viewer to want to dive deeper. Like most things in marketing, writing content that engages your reader takes practice. Check out Copywriting Course’s blog post to learn tools, best practices, and real-life examples to achieve a strong hook.

Online Video Tactics

Video is one of the most engaging forms of content on social media. In fact, by 2022, video content will make up 82% of all online consumer traffic, according to Cisco. Some marketers think you need complex software like Premiere Pro for video edits, but the truth is there are simple online tools that work just as well. View this infographic to learn four online video editing tools and BDX’s video ideas to improve your social media content. 


Totally Unrelated

Spotify’s Stranger Things 4 Song (Spoiler Alert for part 1)

The latest Stranger Things series revealed the character Max Mayfield was saved from Vecna’s grasp by her favorite song Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” Which had a lot of people wondering what’s their “savior song”? Well, now they don’t have to. Spotify created an Upside Down playlist that reveals the top song of the playlist as your “savior song.” Just in time for the release of season 4, part 2. Read more in CNET’s article.

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