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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into. 

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of social media cross-platform best practices, Reddit advertising, landing page conversion tips, Facebook carousel post strategies, and a flying car port. Dig in!



Cross-platform Social Media Best Practices

Marketing messaging, brand voice and social media messaging are often mistaken for the same concept, but they are three different methods that all influence your content strategy. How you communicate with your social audience, also known as social media messaging, is vital for brands to engage with their audience and create loyal customers. 

Check out Sprout Social’s blog post to learn best practices for social media messaging to help boost your engagement rate.


Take Notes

Reddit Advertising Insights

Reddit has over 5 million monthly engagements across 1oo k communities and can be an effective advertising outlet. Because the social platform is a go-to source for research, the ads often relate to their search. In fact, according to Reddit’s data, “47% of Reddit ads are more relevant to the specific topic users were browsing than ads on other social platforms.” 

View this infographic on MarketingProfs to learn more insight into the impact of Reddit ads.

House Cleaning Tips for Landing Page Conversion

An increase in traffic on your website is fantastic but has no significant impact without conversions backing it up. The root cause usually relates to your landing page design, content, or user experience and can negatively affect conversion rate until resolved. Learn five common reasons your conversions don’t bump with traffic jumps and how to fix them in Content Marketing Institute’s article.    

7 Facebook Carousel Post Strategies

Utilizing an interactive experience on Facebook like the carousel post feature draws attention, drives clicks, and increases conversions. Marketers can also use this tool to connect with their audience at every step of the customer journey. Discover seven engaging carousel post ideas on Social Media Examiner’s article and read these Facebook optimization tips to help reach your marketing goals.


Totally Unrelated

Flying Cart Port

Urban-Air Port designed and built a transport hub for flying cars in the English city of Coventry. The interesting fact is they created the port knowing flying cars are a long time away from being sold to the public. Urban-Airport created the station not to promote the future of air taxis but to manage the logistics of the building, such as boarding and disembarking. So, although we don’t have flying cars around, at least we have the transport hub. Read more about this development in Wired’s article.

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