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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we're taking a BYTE out of tips for Google's core update, QR codes, YouTube's video trends report, Facebook's new animations, and the cure to hiccups. Dig in!



Google's Core Update

Google recently made part one of their core update at the beginning of June and plans to implement part two in July. Although this core update is not supposed to affect your website drastically, you may notice subtle changes when the second update is over. However, unlike the Core Update, Google's Page Experience update could majorly impact your website and SEO score. Learn more about both Google updates and helpful tips in Brafton's article


Take Note

How Can Marketers Use QR codes?

With many restaurants choosing to forgo physical menus to comply with safety practices, we have seen a significant boost in the popularity of Quick Response (QR) codes. That begs the question, how can we use QR codes in marketing?

Marketers can use QR codes, according to the tech news company, Built In, "to build direct connections with customers, collect first-party data and add attribution tracking to traditional advertising channels." Find out some creative strategies to use QR codes and connect with customers in Built In's article.

YouTube's Culture and Trends Report

Over the last twelve months, so many things have changed, including video behavior and video fads. YouTube's trends analysts compiled a report that reveals how people view YouTube videos, popular culture, and content over the past year.

One notable trend discovered was that 85% of people had watched a live stream, which makes sense given how many people lacked human interaction due to the pandemic. Read more popular video trends and learn how to use video to interact with your consumers here

Facebook's Animated Reactions

Facebook is toying with the idea of new animated reactions that will draw attention to shared posts. These animations pop out on the social platform's feed as people scroll through posts. Users will have the option to pick from several different colors and reactions to feature on their posts. The goal is to help people increase engagement, and it also means brands have a new outlet to gain insights into Facebook's users. 


Totally Unrelated

The Cure for Hiccups

Most of us have had a case of exasperating hiccups. While there are many rumored ways to cure this symptom, scientists think they have a proven device to get rid of them. Believe it or not, their solution consists of using a straw. Specifically, an L - shaped straw, patented as HiccAway. Learn more about this tool from The Guardian's article. 

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