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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we're taking a BYTE out of tips for Instagram's feed algorithm, Google’s 60 new fonts, link building, and a digital driver's license. Dig in!



How To Get Your Content In front Of Instagram Users

Like Google, Instagram is often a mystery as to what Content shows up when and where. This article breaks down the "key signals" or factors that contribute to the algorithm. One thing we do know about their algorithm is that it's focused solely on the user and how they engage on the social media platform. The most important "key signal" is the information about the post, such as how many people liked it, the date it was posted, and the location. Click on the link above to learn other essential attributes that contribute to a post's success!


Take Note

Google Adds 60 New Free Fonts To Google Docs & Slides

While the default font for Google Docs is Arial, users now have the creative license to choose from 60 new free fonts to spiff up their documents. This article from Fast Company highlights the five most exciting new typefaces to premier this month, including our favorite Bodoni Moda. Check them out here!

Build Your SEO With Relevant Links

Adding relevant inbound links to your website helps increase your online presence and your organic search visibility. It also creates a symbiotic relationship where both parties gain SEO benefits. Building online authority is no easy task and takes an innovative plan to work successfully. One unique way is to respond to a trending topic via video, blog post, podcast, or other content channels. When using this strategy, provide an authentic response and remember to give credit to the original source of the topic. Learn six more creative tactics to boost your SEO link juice in this blog post from the Search Engine Journal.  


Totally Unrelated

Digital Driver's License

Imagine never having to carry your physical ID again. This may soon be a reality with Apple announcing their Wallet App expanding to include a digital ID with participating states this fall. IBM is also in the process of adding a digital driver's license to their Excelsior Pass vaccine passport system for New York State. Android and iPhone users already rely on digital credit cards on their mobile, so it's not surprising that digital identification would be the next logical step. One thing is for sure, Digital IDs are coming and will soon be available for use in various states. 

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