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This week we're taking a BYTE out of strategies for a great blog post introduction, a guide to TikTok for small businesses, Twitter Blue, and the Top 100 items searched on Amazon. Dig in!



How do you write a great blog introduction? 

The first thing your reader is going to see in your blog post is your introduction. The introduction is arguably the most important part of your article. This paragraph can either sell your content or discourage them from continuing to read. However, there are strategies you can implement to hold their interest and urge them to keep reading. 

Most people click on a blog post in hopes of learning something useful, so using the introduction to explain what benefits they’ll gain from the reading is one way to keep their attention. Another way to persuade them is to use a controversial topic in your introduction that either makes them agree, disagree or want to know the motivation behind your statement. No matter their reasoning, they’ll want to continue to find out more. Learn more tips on how to nail down the introduction in this article from Content Marketing Institute.


Take Note

A Guide to TikTok for Small Businesses

TikTok is on its way to reaching over a billion users by the end of 2021. Many marketers want to get in on the action but are not familiar with how to engage, especially with younger generations, on the social media platform. Check out this infographic that will help you jump-start your marketing on TikTok. The Small Business Guide to TikTok created by ZenBusiness covers everything you need to know - from using trending hashtags to creating TikTok ads.

Can you finally revise a tweet on Twitter? 

Well, no, but you can undo the tweet now if you’re a subscriber to Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue is Twitter’s new paid subscription. The new service enhances subscribers' Twitter experience with exclusive new tools, such as the “Undo” button. The undo feature allows people within the first 30 seconds of sending a tweet to retract their tweet. This tool could be beneficial for those small grammatical mistakes and is probably the closest thing we’re going to have to edit a post. Learn more about Twitter Blue in Social Media Today’s article.  


Totally Unrelated

Most Searched Items on Amazon in 2021

It seems like everyone is shopping online this year, especially on Amazon. In fact, Amazon surpassed Google as the top marketplace and search engine in the U.S. for eCommerce and retail. Semrush Blog, a digital marketing blog, put together a list of the top 100 Amazon searches from January to April this year. Interestingly the top term that was searched for was “Pop It”, this probably relates to the popular TikTok trend that spotlights these new sensory toys. Other trending keys words included were Pokemon cards, shower head, dog bed, and much more. Take a look at the list yourself and see if you can incorporate any of these keywords into your own marketing.

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