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This week we’re taking a BYTE out of the predicted future of digital marketing, Instagram Marketing 101, key elements for SEO, audience insights for Instagram’s Reels, and plastic eating nanobots. Dig in!


What is the predicted future for digital marketing in the next five years?

Although the future is never certain, Brafton, a content marketing agency, put together a list of predictions they think will happen in the next five years for digital marketing.

Concerning content marketing, they believe that pillar pages are going to dominate online. Pillar pages are a landing page for a particular topic and serve as a master resource center, similar to a Wikipedia page, for your other links that relate to the subject matter. According to Brafton, “pillar pages provide immense value to searchers and will be a major key to SEO success in the future.” Read more predictions in their article to help you prepare for the future and be ahead of the digital marketing game. 


Take Note

Instagram Marketing Tips 101

It’s no wonder Instagram remains a critical resource for marketers when the social media app has over a billion active users. Instagram can be used by brands to boost engagement, reach, and their digital presence. To do so takes a strategic plan. One way to ensure you’re effectively marketing on Instagram is to add hashtags. Use three to five key hashtags that relate to your audience and your brand. Hashtags are an essential tool to help with audience growth. Check out SocialMediaToday’s article to learn three more easy tips that can help you improve your Instagram presence. 

What are some key elements to enhance SEO?

A major part of your brand content is SEO. SEO is constantly changing so it’s valuable to understand key elements that play into your SEO ranking. Without SEO it would be almost impossible for searchers to find your content and for you to grow your audience. Take a look at Grazitti Interactive’s infographic to learn tips to create SEO-friendly content to enhance and improve to the rankings.

Can you see insights for Instagram’s Reels now?

The short answer is yes. Instagram recently launched an upgrade that allows businesses and creators to see insights like Accounts Reached, Saves, and Shares for their reels. So what does this mean? Marketers can now see which type of content works for their audience and use the feedback to refine their reels to reach potential customers. According to TechCrunch, “Instagram’s Insights, combined with established in-app shopping, can create a perfect storm for content creators to better reach and monetize their target audiences.”


Totally Unrelated

Plastic Eating Nanobots

A lab in the Czech Republic is working on a project to solve the environmental issue of tiny particles of plastic littering bodies of water, such as the lakes, rivers, and even the ocean. Their solution is to create microscopic robots that decompose the pieces of plastic and help rectify the situation. These nanobots can propel themselves through water via sunlight exposure and when they encounter plastic they speed up its degradation process. Although this technology is still a work in progress, the lab has already gotten an inquiry about testing out the nanobots from a water treatment plant.

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