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Welcome to the BYTE where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of an AI-powered store, how technology is affecting homes, Facebook’s new VR glasses, most popular places for millennials to live, and Toyota and Panasonic’s new joint venture. Dig in!




Walmart Reveals New AI-Powered Store

Launched and tested in Levittown, New York, this “store of the future” (source: is focused on improving operational processes.

What Processes?

If you’re thinking this store is completely run by technology, think again. Walmart’s AI-store, also called the Intelligent Retail Lab (IRL), includes not only cameras and interactive displays, but employed staff as well. The cameras are set in place to monitor inventory levels in order to free up staff to interact with customers. The purpose of this store? According to Mike Hanrahan, CEO of IRL, “Technology enables us to understand so much more – in real time – about our business.”



The Housing Industry is Being Overrun by Technology

Everything seems to be moving towards digital nowadays. Need a last minute gift for your significant other? Order online from Amazon. Want to control the thermostat in your house with the click of a button? Buy a smart home device. The home industry is ever-evolving, which means more opportunities to appeal to the up and coming generations who’ve never known a world without the digital space. So where has technology impacted multifamily properties? According to Forbes, the internet, artificial intelligence, package delivery, communication, marketing, and analytics have all influenced the housing industry through emerging technologies.



Take Notes

Facebook Announces the Release of New VR Headset

Virtual Reality is not a new concept, it’s been around for several years. However, viewing games, art, and tech through VR lenses can be quite costly. So what makes Facebook’s new VR headset, Oculus Quest, a game changer? Unlike its predecessors, the Quest is wireless, priced well-below other high-end headsets, and is compatible with more games and apps.

Top Places for Millennials to Relocate

According to the National Association of Realtors, millennials are moving to cities that are comprised of inexpensive housing, decent job opportunities, and competitive earnings. After the initial study was conducted, the report showed that millennials are more apt to move to Madison, Wisconsin; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Seattle, Washington; Durham, North Carolina; and Omaha, Nebraska.

Toyota and Panasonic Join Forces

Toyota is known for its cars and Panasonic is known for its electronics. So what happens when they partner up in Japan? According to The Associated Press, these two brands will form a joint venture that will build homes that contain connected technologies such as home gadgets, car-sharing, and sustainable energy. 



Totally Unrelated

Chimpanzee Scrolls Through Instagram

A chimp made headlines this week after being recorded scrolling through Instagram. Yes, you read that right… this chimp can use a smartphone better than most humans.



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