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This week we’re taking a BYTE out of marketers and visitors disagreeing on what makes a good website, audience growth using psychology, small business social media marketing, an AI tax accountant, and the MyHeritage app. Dig in!





Do B2B marketers and visitors agree on what makes a good website?

The general consensus is no. Marketers focus on values like compelling brand messages and social proof, but in reality, it’s not what website visitors are wanting. According to a study from Orbit Media Studios organized by Ascend2, 24% of website visitors thought brand messaging was valuable and 27% agreed with social proof being important. The two groups even disagreed for the most part on how to drive traffic. Marketers believe email newsletters are a good source to bring traffic, but only 26% of prospects said they would go along with it. Vice Versa, 57% of customers feel social media is a good traffic generator, compared to 40% of marketers. So which one should you base your website design on? Well, the customer is always right!


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Can you use psychology to grow your audience?

As a marketer, you have to change and evolve your strategies to keep up with the current times, but the one constant that doesn’t change is people’s behavior. Ten psychology principles appeal to human behavior and will help you attract more members of your audience. One such example of these principles is reciprocity. Providing free ungated content, such as a valuable infographic, is a form of reciprocity. Customers will feel indebted to your brand because you did something nice for them with no strings attached. The other nine principles are just as effective as this one and will help you attract prospects.


How do small business owners effectively market on social media?

There’s no correct way on how a small business owner should implement social media marketing. It’s just a matter of how you learn and adopt the latest digital marketing approaches. A survey recently administered by SkyNova divulged beneficial insights on how over 400 entrepreneurs approached marketing in social media. Three key points that stood out during the survey are 89% of entrepreneurs rely on doing social media themselves, Facebook remains the primary business social platform, and TikTok is the social media platform most business owners want to master.   


Will AI be our future tax accountant?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to be resourceful in our Amazon Alexas and Google Assistants, but did you ever think it could help during tax season? An Israeli startup, Blue dot, is working on creating AI that manages tax accounting. The goal of the AI is to optimize the tax accounting process and make it easier for accountants and workers to itemize their business expenses.

Totally Unrelated

MyHeritage Brings Dearly Departed Loved Ones Back To Life

Don’t worry, this isn’t a zombie apocalypse waiting to happen. MyHeritage, the genealogy company, has created an app that uses a feature called Deep Nostalgia to animate your old photos. The app uses your selected photo to create a lifelike animation of the subject blinking and moving around in the headshot. Recently, the app added even more animations to now make people nod, dance, and even blow a kiss at you. Applying this to living friends/relatives – a fun novelty. Applying it to those that have left us, however, might approach the weird meter.

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