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This week we’re taking a BYTE out of tips to optimize SEO, the fate of in-person events in 2022, TikTok’s advertising feature, keywords that influence customers, and Apple’s AirTags. Dig in!



It’s always a good time for a little SEO 101

Most things need a little tender loving care every once in a while, and for marketers, SEO is no exception. You want to deliver the best user experience on your website, but slow loading pages and bad links can quickly diminish your SEO. A regular SEO check-up and maintenance can help avoid this problem. Check out this article from the team at, where they provide six steps to executing an efficient SEO Clean-up strategy.  


Take Note

What does the future hold for in-person events in 2022?

Although many people are still hesitant about in-person events in 2021, there’s hope for 2022! According to a survey conducted by the group at Marketing Land, 38% of marketers say that they are extremely likely to attend an in-person event beginning in 2022, and 45% said they are somewhat likely to participate.

This doesn’t mean virtual events via Zoom will disappear. The survey revealed 92% of marketers would like digital shows to continue even when in-person events return. Virtual experiences are here to stay but expect to see the return of in-person conferences next year, if not sooner.  

What two key words influence potential customers to turn wants into needs?

Words tend to influence a person’s emotions, and Apple has mastered this art. Apple sells its products, such as their iPhone 12, using two main words. Using these two words, the company focuses its marketing on the customer and helps the potential customers visualize themselves using their product which helps turn those wants into needs. Find out what the two words are in this article from

Does TikTok’s new feature collect audience information for advertisers?

A new advertising tool is now available via TikTok to capture user data. TikTok’s Lead Generation ad option enables advertisers to create a CTA within the app’s in-stream ads that then leads the user to a form, where they fill out valuable information such as their name, email, phone number, and even job title. Brands can take advantage of this insight on potential customers to build out their own database and target a more accurate audience persona with their ads.


Totally Unrelated

AirTag Location Trackers

Apple recently launched its newest product called AirTags. This technology is essentially a tracking device that can be paired with your iPhone like AirPods. Utilizing the Find My app iPhone users can access settings to enable the AirTag to chirp, locate the device, or mark the AirTag as lost. If an AirTag is marked as lost, the owner can allow the app to provide information to another iPhone user who finds it and could potentially return it.

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